Roger Clemens pleads not guilty to lying to Congress

Roger Clemens put his right hand on the lectern, leaned down toward the microphone and made what might be the most important pitch of his life: "Not guilty, your honor."

Those words, uttered Monday in a strong, confident voice by the seven-time Cy Young award winner sporting a black blazer and blond highlights in his hair, marked the official beginning of a court case that could taint baseball even further and land the "Rocket" in jail.

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The Magic had had it won.  They had the Lakers beat in L.A and were ready to fly across the country feeling good about themselves having tied the series at one a piece.  After a hard fought game the Magic decided to put it all on rookie Courtney Lee's shoulders.  Actually, it wasn't so much that they put the game on his shoulders as they gave him the chance to be a hero.  Lee, who looked very mature for a rookie all season, simply could not handle the pressure of a game winning shot to win Game 2 of the NBA finals.  After a beautiful pass by Turkoglu to set Lee up for the layup, Lee's nerves got the best of him as he put a little too much mustard on what looked like the game winner.  The ball bounced off the front of the rim as time in regulation expired.   "I caught it and just tried to make a play," Lee said. "We didn't lose the game just because I missed the layup. We could have won the game."  Umm Lee, you lost the game.  It's okay, there have been worse moments in sports history just take the blame for the loss.  You’re a rookie, the people will understand.  It will be an uphill climb for the Magic now but don't count them out.  Winning two games in Orlando is far from an impossible task and will put them right back in the series.  But next time, I would really like to see Lewis or Turk take that shot.

Not Surprised

Is anyone really surprised that the Lakers blew out the Magic last night?  Good teams almost always win the first game of a series at home, especially if that game just happens to be in L.A.  Only a truly dominate team is able to steal game one away from a team like the Lakers.  Now game 2, thats what I am interested in.  If the Magic can steal that game, and I think there is a chance that they can, then we have a whole different ballgame my friends.

Disney World v Disneyland

Not quite the dream matchup the NBA wanted but for this sports fan the NBA championship will still be some great theater.  The Magic have built a great team over the last couple of seasons with Dwight Howard as the centerpiece.  The Lakers have the always lethal "black mamba"  and a bunch of Europeans.  Who will win?  In how many games?  I personally prefer the Magic Kingdom in Orlando.  Epcot, ya dig?!

Wieters To Play

Tonight is the long awaited debut of Matt Weiters, the young Orioles catcher who is being hailed by many as the brightest young star in the majors.  Stay tuned to ESPN980 tonight for full coverage starting at 7:05P.

NBA Playoff Update

Cavs:  Remember when a Cavs/ Lakers final seemed inevitable?  Oh how times have changed.  The Cavs are in trouble and Lebron will literally have to carry this team intothe finals.

Lakers:  I really like the Nuggets, but I see this series going 7.  And if it goes 7 games I don't see the Nuggets winning in LA.  So yeah, I'm going with the Black Mamba. 

Magic:  Was it just me or were people realy "hatin" on Dwight Howard before the playoffs.  No more, Howard is the real deal and the perfect stopper against King James.  Add in some lights out 3-point Magic from the role players and you got yourselves an Eastern conference representative in the finals.

Nuggets:  Even if you shut Melo down the Nuggets can still beat you by 19 points.  This is trouble for the Lakers but again I don't see the Nuggets doing this in LA..

NBA Playoff Update

Cavaliers:  Uh-Oh, big bad Lebron isn't looking so scary anymore.  Dwight Howard pulling down the shot clock in Cleveland was awesome, as was Mo williams full court shot before half.

Magic:  They have a legitimate shot at going to the Finals.

Lakers:  If Kobe is the best player in the game, and the Lakers are the best team in the West, then why did they lose to the Nuggets at home last night and barely beat them at home the game before.  L.A does not look like the more experienced team.

Nuggets:  I have said it before and i'll say it again, best trade ever.  Getting Billups for Iverson is on par with gettin Gasol for Kwame Brown, or Caron Butler for Kwame Brown, or pretty much anyone for Kwame Brown.  Melo is finnally able to showcase his skills in a game that matters and the Birdman is my new favorite player.

Lets Play













While the excitement surrouding teams like the Lakers and Cavs is all about winning a championship, lowly Wizards fans have somewhat of a championship themselves tonight.  Winning the draft lottery(the Wizards have a 17.8% chance of doing so) would ensure a shot at Blake Griffin, a big physical presence that the Wizards desperately need.  However even if the Wizards miss out on Griffin there are still a few intriguing options left over.  Rubio could be an interesting pick in that it would give the Wiz a "true" pointguard and would allow Arenas to move to the 2 spot in a pure scoring role.  And then there is always the chance for a big trade.  What players/picks this would involve I have absolutely no idea.  With the Caps out of the playoffs and the O's and Nats playing like, well the O's and Nats, the NBA draft lottery is sadly the hottest sporting event for DC sports fans this week.    

NBA Playoff Update: Part Deux

Cavs:  Are the Finals here yet??

Magic:  They currently have more talent than the Celtics but Boston has proven time and time again that they have more heart and more intelligence.  Last nights meltdown was absolutely atrocious.

Lakers:  Got back on track last night with a 40 point schilacking of the Rockets. 

Rockets:  Did anyone really think that Brooks was the next Chris Paul and that the Rockets would really be better without Yao??

Celtics:  Great come from behind win last night.  The role players are really stepping up.

Nuggets:  This series ends tonight.  Melo and Bibby are too much for the Mavs.

Mavericks:  They are done, a nice win the other night but even Cuban's antics can't save them now.

Win or Go Home

The Caps again are in a must win situation.  The Caps have played poorly so far against the pens and need to do a couple of key things tonight to take the series back to Washington.

1.  Play Defense:  Is it just me or do some of the offensive possessions for the Pens look like power plays even though both teams are at even strength.  The Caps need to extend their defense a little more and stop giving Pitt open looks at the net.

2.  Mike Green, Where Art Thou?  Green had a terrific regular season and was seen by many as much a part of the Caps success as the Great 8, but Green has been absent in the playoffs.  Green needs to step it up tonight for us to advance to Game 7.

3.  Stop Deflecting Shots:  I understand why hockey players find it necessary to dive in front of shots.  It looks cool and many times negates the shot on goal.  But with Varley playing as well as he is I would rather take my chances with Varley having a clean look at the shot rather than have some wild deflection lose the game for us. 


NBA Playoff Update

With the NBA playoffs in full swing lets take a look at the teams that are left and their chances of advancing:

Lakers:  Stuck in a very physical sereis so far with the Rockets.  The Lakers are usually seen as a soft team.  They are on the West coast, their fans are hippies, and Gasol is their center.  However last night they showed some gusto commiting some hard fouls.  The good news is this shows they are willing to do whatever it takes to win a championship.  The bad news is Derek Fisher is now suspended for one game.

Houston:  Surprised a lot of people stealing a game in LA.  Yao is showing toughness, Artest is a maniac, and I am liking Scoala more an more.  They are still going down in 6.

Denver:  The team Charles Barkley thinks will win it all looks stronger every game.  Picking up Billups was a great decision and with the bench consisting of the high-flying, sharp shooting J.R Smith and some ex- meth addict named the "Birdman" how can you not root for these guys?

Dallas:  I really don't like this team.  Novitzki is soft and weird, Kidd is overrated and old, and Josh Howard is stoned. 

Magic:  Dwight Howard is the biggest presence in the middle since Shaq.  I like them beating Boston in 7.

Boston:  I don't think the Celtics are going to beat Orlando.  But they have so much heart and the city has so much history it is hard not to root for them.  Rondo is playing great but Allen is too inconsistent. 

Cleveland:  They will be in the finals.  Lebron can score on anyone from anywhere on the floor.  Williams and West are playing great. 

Atlanta:  Atlanta is like beach front property during a tsunami, they won't be their long. 


Hats Off!

Crosby enviously looks at all the hats thrown on the ice in honor of Ovechkin's hat trick.  Crosby had a hat trick but only got one hat thrown as opposed to the plethora that the "Great 8" got.  Awww, poor Crosby.  Caps were victorious again and now lead the series 2-0.

Beasts of the Week: Federov y Varlamov

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
They are absolute beasts when it comes to stopping shots and scoring goals                                                                                               v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Federov and Varlamov were beasting out against New York

Unbelievable game last night.  The loudest I have ever heard Verizon Center.  The young "Czar-Lamov" was on his game again as the Caps came back from a 3-1 series defecit to move past the Rangers in game 7.  Semin scored first and then with 4 minutes left in the game, the girsled veteran Federov added the game winner to take the Caps to the second round for the first time since 1998.  Is there really anything better than a Game 7 NHL playoff game?  Maybe a Redskins Super Bowl but we may never see one of those again.  


It's official Larry Fitz and Troy Polamalu are screwed.  The Madden curse will continue and yes both of these players will have horrible years.  Don't blame me friends, blame the football Gods or the nerdy game programmers over at EA. 

What the Flip?!

When the Redskins tried to get Jay Cutler I applauded them.  Cutler is a rare talent would have immideatly made the Redskins a Super Bowl contender.  Now with this talk of Sanchez I am back to my usual state of mind wondering "what the flip" the Redskins front office is thinking.  Campbell will never be a GREAT quarterback but he is definitely capable of winning with the right players around him.  The talk now is that the Redskins are willing to deal Campbell to get as high as the number 4 pick to take Sanchez. WHAT THE FLIP!?  Maybe I'm weird but this latest news is absolutely mind boggling.  Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of Sanchez.  But by dealing Campbell away we are essentially starting over, again, with a QB depth chart that I'm assuming would read 1. Todd Collins 2. Mark Sanchez 3. Colt Brennan.  So next season is a wash.  With Collins we are 8-8.  So what do we do?  Dan Snyder has said he wants improvement over last year.  Well then do we start Colt Brennan?  I appreciate Brennan's competitive nature but he is not an NFL qurterback.  And I hope they don't plan on starting Sanchez.  That would be a total disaster.  So that is what we have to look forward to next year.  The minute I heard that they"fell in love with Sanchez" I knew we were in trouble.  Forget about the starting linebacker we need.  Who needs a pass rush?  Not us!  No this draft is all about Sanchez.  Nothing would surprise me about this organization anymore. 

*Props to Mr Irrelevantfor the pic.

Back in the Game

Thanks to a strong outing by young Caps goalie Simeon Varlomov the Caps were able to get back on track with a 4-0 win over the NY Rangers.  Varlamov had 33 saves and looks like our goalie for years to come.  Semin had 2 goals and an assist and Backstrom had 3 assists.  Ovechkin has yet to score a goal in the postseason but added 2 assists of his own.  All hail Varlomov!

And They're Off

You may have asked yourself a few questions after watching the NBA playoffs kickoff this weekend.  Seeing the Magic blow a 16 point lead to the Sixers and lose by two you may have asked "I thought Orlando had a good defense?"  After seeing Billups drop 36 on the Hornets maybe you thought " Why in the world did the Pistons trade away Billups?"  After seeing the Heat lose 90-64 to the  Hawks did you ask "Why was Dwayne Wade getting MVP consideration?"  And finnally, after seeing Derrick Rose put up 36 against the Celtics you wondered " Why couldn't the Wizards suck last season?"  Whatever questions you may have asked yourself only one will probably linger until the end, "Can anyone beat the Cavs or Lakers?"  Enjoy the next 40 days and 40 nights, should be a good time. 

NBA John Thompson Show Top 5


They are forreal, for real.


2.  Lakers:  Flying high into the playoffs with a 125-112 win over the Jazz.

3.  Denver:  J.R Smith is playing lights out and B-B-Billups makes this my wildcard team in the West.

4.  Magic:  Limping into the playoffs but still the one team I can see challenging the Cavs. 

5.  Boston:  Without Garnett this team doesn't stand a chance.      

I'm Froze!

It's the classic unstoppable force vs. the immovable object.  The high-scoring caps will take on the tough as nails defense of the NY Rangers tonight in game 1 of the first round of the NHL playoffs.  Yes Ovechkin will be in the spotlight but this game hinges more on goalie Jose Theodore's glove than Ovechkin's stick.  The Caps should win this matchup but you cannot count out the experience of this Rangers team.  They have been in the playoffs every year since the lockout while the Caps only have the experience of last seasons first round series to draw upon.  Should be a great series and one you don't want to miss.

Wiz Eye Saunders

Wizards management is reportedly looking at Flip Saunders to take over for interim coach Ed Tapscott next season.  Tapscott was thrown into the fray this year and wound up with one of the worst records in the league.  If Saunders is named the next head coach of the Wizards I hope he can keep Tapscott on staff.  Stay tuned to the John Thompson show for updates.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5


The Cavs may have the best record in the NBA but a healthy Bynum goes a long way for the Lakers.

2.  Cavaliers:  If the Cavs win the NBA Championship does Lebron come back?

3.  Magic:  A dominant center surrounded by 3 point shooters is a formula for success.

4.  Celtics:  It seems people have forgotten about the Celtics.  That's probably the way they like it.

5.  Blazers:  They have everything except for playoff experience. 

Beast of the Week: This Guy

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast when it comes to being an O's fan.                                                                                                                                                     v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
This guy was beasting out when he stole the ball from Johnny Damon

Oh how sweet it is.  The overpaid, talent-laden Yankees were no match for the O's high powered offense in yestereday's 10-5 win over the dreaded Yanks.  Best play of the game?  There were a few but I especially love the O's fan who stole the ball out of Johnny Damon's glove to help Cesar Izturis get his first homer as an Oriole.  The Yankees may end the year with a better record, but spoiling their opening debut is priceless. 

UNC Rolls over Michigan State

The Tarheels are your new NCAA basketball champs.  Suprised?  It may not have been the most exciting game, UNC was up 55-34 at halftime, but if you wanted to see one of the most dominating college teams in recent memory you got what you were looking for.  Ty Lawson had 21 points, 8 steals (a championship record), and 6 assists while Hansbrough added 18 points and 7 rebounds.  Do people really still think Hansbrough will be a bust in the NBA.  I would take a chance on him.


Just Do It













 Im not sure why anyone could think getting Cutler is a bad idea.  I have three reasons to the contrary.  One, the draft picks we will have to give up to get him will be wasted on a useless player that will not see the field next year ( My money is on "Heyward Bey" because you cannot lose games with a big reciever that runs fast, right?!)  so you might as well get a very good QB instead.  Two, He is better than Campbell.  And Three, yes if we don't make the trade for Cutler we risk making our current quarterback mad, wait does Campbell even get mad?  Actually I don't think I have ever seen Campbell show anymore emotion than that of a yak so I wouldn't be to worried about our quarterbacks mental state.  And even if he does get upset so what?  We are still paying him aren't we?  The one thing the Redskins have not had in a long time is a franchise QB and Jason, though a solid individual, is not the guy.  Pull the trigger Vinny.

Longest Game...Ever

UVA outlasted the Terps in 7, yes 7, overtimes on Saturday.  UVA won with a goal by Brian Carrol in the first minute of the 7th overtime, 10-9.  That makes it the longest D-I lacrosse game EVER.  Many of you probably don't care about lacrosse, and some of you might only know it as "that game with sticks".  However when March Madness ends, do yourself a favor and watch a college lacrosse game.  You won't be dissapointed.


Note:  The Terps Grant Catalino had the game won with a goal at the end of the first over time but an inadvertent whistle by the officials negated it.  Very Suspect indeed.

The Hibachi is Heating Up

Gilbert Arenas, who has not seen the court since last season's playoffs, is scheduled to make his first appearance of the year this Saturday against the Detroit Pistons.  Gil practiced Tuesday and "hasn't missed a beat" acoording to Caron Butler.  The Washington Wizards have had a dissapointing year to say the least.  They have not given the fans much to cheer about producing the lowest win total in the NBA.  If nothing else, the return of Arenas should raise the morale of the fans and more importantly will be a good barometer of what to expect next year from the 100 million dollar man. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Kristi Toliver and the #1 seed lady Terps crushed Dartmouth yesterday 82-53.  Toliver finished with 27 points on 11 of 14 shooting.   The Terps will play ninth-seeded Utah tonight at 7pm.

Here We Go Maryland!

American put up a valiant effort in a opening round loss to Villanova, but the UMD got a huge win over #7 seed California.  The Terps will play Memphis in the second round on Saturday, a Memphis team that struggled to beat #15 seed CS Northridge.  Lets here it for the Zone Defense!  Make sure to catch all of the Madness on ESPN980. 

Shot of the Week: Iguodala v Kobe
Let the Madness Begin!

Will Maryland or American become a cinderella team of destiny?  Will Blake Griffin dominat?  Will UNC nab its fifth tournament title?  It's madness I tell you.  Make sure to enter into our Ledos Pizza Bracket Pick Em' right here at

Beast of the Week: Eric Hayes

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast when it comes to college basketball.
v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Eric Hayes was beasting out last night against NC State

Eric Hayes scored a career high 21 points on 5-6 from long range last night in a big 74-69 win over NC State last night.  With the win the Terps are likely one win away from an NCAA tournament bid.  That's the good news.  the bad news is they will have to beat Wake Forest to get there. 


NBA Johnn Thompson Show Top 5


Lebron is an unstoppable force.


2. Lakers: Big win last night over the Spurs.  Kobe is the best finisher in the game.

3. Celtics: The Celtics are all business.  They are in the business of wining games.  

4. Magic: Is Howard the next Shaq?  Huge shoes to fill, literally. 

5. Spurs: Duncan is the weirdest player I have ever seen play. Looking at him you would think he was an average player at best. Then the game starts and he shows you why he is considered one of the best big men ever.

Shot of the Week: D-Wade Buzzer Beater
After Strong Start, Hoyas Fizzle Out

The Mighty Might Hoyas are not feeling so mighty.  After starting the season 12-3, including the impressive win over U-Conn, the Hoyas lost 11 of their last 15 games.  The roster for Georgetown consists of immense talent, but their lack of experience and maturity has been the tale of this season, a tale too tall to overcome.  The gap that Hibbert and Green left was simply to big to fill this year, even with three McDonald's All-Americans.  To call the season a dissapointment  would  be correct but the Hoyas can hold their heads high knowing they gave tremendous effort in what amounted to a season full of growing pains.  They can hold their heads even higher when they think about returning studs such as Greg Monroe, Chris Wright, and most likely DaJuan Summers

He Dunn Did It










Will Adam Dunn make the Nats relevant?  Short answer yes with a but, long answer no with a maybe.  So what does that mean?  I'm not quite sure but what I really meant to say is with Dunn the Nats should at least be exciting.  Adding him to a lineup of Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham, the Nationals "have a chance to score 100 or more runs than they did last year" writes Tim Kurkjian.  Adam Dunn gave Nats fans a preview of his power after hitting a towering shot playing for team USA in their rout of Venezuela.  I don't know about you but I already plan on watching twice as many Nats games as I did last year.  Hopefully those two games won't let me down. 

T.O No Mo'

The one they call T.O is done in Dallas.  Last season the Cowboys failed to make the playoffs, and Owens was not happy.  He criticized both his offensive coordinator and quarterback and the team had enough.  Once again an NFL franchise weighed the pros against the cons, and the cons won.  That's right a player who is second all time in TD catches had so many issues that the cons actually outweighed his on field production.  Unbelievable.  Please don't come to Washington.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5


The Cavs are looking stronger than ever.  They clinched a playoff birth last night and Lebron looks unstoppable. 


2.  Lakers:  Gasol is a great player, but may not be a strong enough defensively to make a run at a championship. 

3.  Celtics:  Garnett is out but this team still has tons of talent.  If Garnett can come back wwithout any setbacks, Boston may be looking at another Championship.

4.  Magic:  Love me some Howard.

5.  Houston:  If they can stay healthy this may be able to make a playoff run. 


Close, But No Cigar

Maryland lost last night 65-63 to Wake Forest but not for lack of effort.  Once again their lack of size lead to their downfall as they were outrebounded 50-32 but they coninued to fight until the bitter end.  If a tournament bid were based on how hard a team tries Maryland is in no question.  Unfortunately it's based on wins and the Terps have 18. Cross your fingers sports fans. 

One and Done?!

The Redskins released DE Jason Taylor just a year after acquiring him from the Miami Dolphins.  Taylor was expected to bolster the Redskins defensive line last year but due to lingering injuries was unable to live up to the hype.  Really?  A big name Redskins failing to live up to the hype?  Not Possible.  Taylor failed to agree to the Redskin's terms which included attending at least 75% of off-season workouts.  Taylor was expected to earn 8.5 mil next year but chose to spend the off-season with his family rather than the Redskins.  The news puts even more pressure on the D-Line to perform, especially after signing Haynesworth to a 100 mil contract. 

Skins Sign Haynesworth,Re-Sign Hall

The Washington Redskins took a low key approach to last years off-season but this year they are right back at it..  They sign coveted free agent DT Albert Haynesworth to a 7 yr/100 million dollar deal with about 45 mill guaranteed.  They also re-sign DeAngelo Hall for 54 mill.  Stay tuned to ESPN 980 all day for updates and reaction.

Hit of the Week or Neal the Enforcer

I use to sit next to Neal in Criminal Statistics class. He is big and he is a beast. That being said you never like to see a player get injured even if he does play for Duke. We hope Nolan Smith makes a safe and speedy recovery.

The John Thompsonn Show NBA Top 5




2. Celtics

3. Magic

4. Lakers

5. Blazers

Shot of the Week/Year: Devin Harris
Beast of the Week or V is for Vasquez

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast (sometimes) when it comes to basketball
v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Vasquez was beasting outagainst UNC

If you missed the Maryland v UNC game on Saturday shame on you.  Not only was it one of the more entertaining college basketball games this year, it also was a great example of why Gary Williams is still a great coach.  Vasquez earns beast of the week honors for scoring just the third triple double in UMD history.  And no, 10 turnovers was not a part of this honor.  Anyone know who the other two are?  Vasquez is extremely streaky and Saturday he was on fire.  He finished with 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assist.  Beautiful.  So hold your head up high on campus this week.  Don't worry about being heckled on the way to class for throwing that pass out of bounds at the end of the game.  You are beast of the week my friend, and you deserve it.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5

I still think the Lakers are the best coached and most talented team in the league.  Howeve , that doesn't always translate into Championships.



2. Orlando: Acquiring Alston makes this team better.

3. Cleveland: They weren't able to get Shaq but they still have the players to get it done.

4. Celtics: Their trades fell through and Garnett is hurt.  If Garnett' injury is one of those nagging strains look for this team to struggle.

5. Spurs: Tiiiimmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!










Hey Man, Nice Shot!
The great 8 does it again. Enjoy!
NBA Trade News

While Jamison appears to be staying put, Brad Miller and John Salmons will be headed to Chicago for Drew Gooden and Andres Nocioni.  Be sure to tune in to The John Thompson Show tomorrow for latest updates.

A-Fraud Speaks on Steroid Use
Westside Connection









Awww, look how cute they are.  Best buds Kobe and Shaq were reunited last night as the West beat the East 146-119.  Kobe lead all scoreres with 27 points and Shaq added 17.  Shaq praised Kobe after the game while Kobe still seems uncomfortable talking about the big cactus.  When asked if Shaq and Kobe might ever play together again Kobe responded "We are not going to go back to the room and watch 'Steel Magnolias' or something like that, you know what I'm saying, crying, all that stuff.  We had a good time. That's all."

Dunk of the Week: Part Deux
Dunk of the Week: Matrix Game Winner
The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5

Still like the Lakers even without Bynum.  They can beat anyone in the West and have swept the Celtics this year.



2. Magic:  Gonna be tough without Nelson but the Magic still have enough firepower to git 'er done.

3. Celtics:  They still look great but something tells me they will fade out in the playoffs.  Both the Cavs and Magic are better then they were last year.

4. Cavs:  Mo Willliams is the spark this team needed.   

5. Spurs:  Spurs are experienced and are getting major contributions from Roger Mason.

Tejada Charged

Orioles shortstop Miguel tejada has been charged with lying to Congress about steroids and is expected to plead guilty.  According to "Tejada faces up to a year in jail" if convicted.  I don't remember seeing Sean Merriman in front of Congress?  Oh yeah, football is more popular.  The hunt continues....

Beast of the Week: Tough juice

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast when it comes to making game winners.
v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Caron Butler was beasting out when he hit that game winning shot against the Pacers.

Caron Butler, or tough juice, gets the obvious Beast of the Week award.  Yes the Wizards are AWFUL but Butler is still one of the best Forwards in the game.  After being out with the flu for a couple of games Butler came back with a solid performance against the Pacers nabbing 13 boards and scoring the final 15 points including the game winner.  Butler finished with 35 points and proved that even though he was not picked to the all-satr team, he can still ball like one.  Congrats to Caron Butler.  Who needs the Hibachi when you have got tough juice?!

John Thompson Show NBA Top 5

Some would argue the regular season doesn't matter.   Nevertheless, last nights win against the Celtics was impressive. 



2.  Magic:  Losing Nelson at PG and still playing at a high level says a lot.

3. Celtics:  I don't think the loss to the Lakers last night meant as much to the Celtics as the win meant for the Lakers. 

4.  Cavs:  Lebron's performance against the Knicks was impressive, but they still need a little bit more out of their role players.

5.  Spurs:  I gotta believe that the Spurs will be great down the stretch.  These guys know how to win.

Beasts of the Week: Nadal y Holmes












Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
They are absolute beasts when it comes to football and tennis
v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Holmes and Rafa were beasting out this weekend

Rafa and Santonio Holmes share beast honors this week.  Rafael Nadal became the first Spainard to win the Aussie Open.  He outlasted Federer in 5 sets of thrilling tennis.  Holmes on the other hand helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win a league best 6 Super Bowls.  His 9 receptions and game winning touchdown grab are more than beast-worthy.  Congrats to both athletes.  Screw SportsCenter this is Beast of the Week my friends.  One.


Zombies Attack!
Now Hear This











What to listen to on ESPN980 this weekend:


Hoyas v Marquette @ 1:55PM SAT

Wiz v LA Clippers @ 8PM SAT


SUPER BOWL XLIII - Steelers v Cardinals - Coverage starts @ 3PM SUN



NBA John Thompson Show Top 5

  Celtics look like a Championship team again.  As long as the big 3 can stay healthy they are in great position to win back to back championships.



2.  Cavaliers:  Lebron's a monster and Mo Williams looks like an all star.  One of the best defensive teams in the league.

3.  Magic:  Dwight Howard is a bad, bad man.

4.  Lakers:  The Lakers have franchise losing records against two teams.  The Celtics and.....the Bobcats?!

5.  Hornets:  Need some more quality big men but hey, what team doesn't?  In Paul I trust.

Hot Hot Heat!

 Novak Jokovic forfeited his match against Andy Roddick yesterday after center court temperatures reached 142 degrees.  I know Australia gets hot but 142 is unbelievable.  Congrats to Roddick for just surviving. Possible Beats of the Week nominee.

Dunk of the Week: Josh Smith Posterizes Nash

Can't tell if the PA announcer is saying "Now you Know!" or "Down you go!".  Either way unbelievable slam right in Nash's grill.

Zo Retires
The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5

 Oh Oh Oh it's Magic, you know.  Orlando's magical season is in big part due to Dwight Howard, the MVP of the league and the most dominating big man since Shaq.



2.  Lakers:  Kobe may not be the most athletic player in the NBA, but he is the best.  Bynum is playing great.

3.  Celtics:  Some nights they look a little old but they are still the defending champs, and they still have Garnett and Pierce.

4.  Cavaliers:  Lebron has scary talent. But his yelling for fouls after every drive to the hoop is getting old.  After every drive he checks his head for blood.  Are you Serious?! 

5.  Hornets:  Love me some CP3.  Paul's game winner against the Pacers was Gilbert-Esque. 

Beast of the Week: Malcom Delaney

Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast when it comes to basketball                                                                                    v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Malcom Delaney was beasting out against Wake

Virginia Tech upset the number one team (Wake Forest) in the land last night 78-71.  A big reason for the upset was guard Malcom Delaney's 21 points and 8 rebounds.  Wake's vaunted defense was unable to hold up against a Virginia tech team that spread them out and shot 50% from the field.  Congrats to Tech and especially to Delaney who can now hold his head up with pride and say, I am the BEAST OF THE WEEK! 

Congrats Barack!

Congratulations to Barack Obama on becoming the first African American President of the United States.  The last few days have been a star studded affair in our nations capital with stars such as Jamie Foxx and Bruce Springstein performing.  Make sure and tune in to AM1260 at 11:30 for live coverage of the inaguration as well as ESPN980 all day for traffic updates. 


Hit of the Week: Sweed Smokes Ivy
Bird is the Word

The Arizona Cardianls have advanced to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.  They are the first 9 win team to make it to the big show since the 1979 St. Louis Rams.   The fact that any team can make the Super Bowl every year, unless you are the Detroit Lions, makes professional football the most compelling, intersesting, and unpredictable American sport.  Congrats to Kurt Warner who basically sealed his ticket to the Hall of Fame as well as Larry Fotzgerald who broke Jerry Rice's post-season record for recieving yards with 419.  Don't miss Arizona and Pittsburgh in Super bowl XLIII next Sunday on ESPN980. 

Now Hear This!

What you should listen to this weekend on ESPN 980:

NCAA Basketball:

1) Georgetown v. Duke - Saturday @ 1:30PM

2) Virginia Tech v Boston College - Saturday @ 4PM

NFL Football:

1) NFL Conference Championship Games - Sunday @ 2PM










Beast of the Week: Alex Ovechkin














Beast n. slang.
a person who is very good at something
He’s an absolute beast when it comes to hockey.
v: to completely dominate, usually in a very physical and violent manner
Ovechkin was beasting out against Pittsburgh.

This award could have easily gone to Dajuan Summers, 21 points in a huge win over Syracuse, but Ovechkin's 2 goals against their division rival the Pittsburgh Penguins is just to good to pass up.  Not only did Ovechkin's superb performance end the team's 3 game losing streak, it proves his superstar status playing big in big games.  Now if we can just get the Caps to play like this against everyone.


Georgetown v Syracuse Tonight!

Make sure and tune in to AM 570 tonight as the 11-3 Hoyas take on the 16-1 Orange in what should be a terrific Big East matchup.  Game tips off at 7:30.

Thomas Tears MCL, Out Indefinitely






In case you have been living under a rock this past year the Wizards season is over.  Thomas becomes the latest in a long line of bad juju for the Washington Wizards.  Gilbert don't you dare come back.  Get ready for next seaon.  Sure Thomas wasn't the answer to this team's woes but he was at least a banger that could get some tough boards for you.  It would have been nice for the Wizards to make a late playoff push but a more realistic goal is to keep everyone healthy for next season.

Everyone remembers Lebron's infamous crab "travel"  against The Washington Wizards.  Here is a closer look at what he was attempting to do.

5 Most, Least 5: Jim Zorn Edition

5 Most Impressive Zorn Moments of 2008:

#1:  After looking completely inept in the season opener against The Giants, the Skins rebound with 4 straight wins, 2 of which where in Philadelphia and Dallas.

#2:  Jason Campbell single-handedly beats New Orleans throwing for 321 yards including a 67 yard bomb to Santana Moss.  Zorn is praised for play calling.

#3:  On Mike and Mike in the morning, ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski says Jason Campbell is the mid-season NFL MVP. 

#4:  The Z man receives a warm homecoming after he defeats the Seattle Seahawks 20-17

#5:  Zorn survives a year in Washington and will be back for a second term

5 Least Impressive Zorn moments of 2008:

#1:  After starting the season 6-2 Zorn goes 2-6 over the final 8 games and misses the playoffs

#2:  Zorn falls to St. Louis at home and Cincy on the road in what can only be called a complete and utter disaster.  2 wins would have pushed the Redskins record to 10-6 and most likely into the postseason.

#3:  After beating Dallas, in Dallas, the Redskins lose to Dallas at FedEx Field.

#4:  A 23-6 beat down at home by the Steelers brings The Redskins, and Zorn, back to earth.

#5:  After beating the Eagles at home, Zorn falls to the 49ers to drop the Redskins to 8-8 for the year.



We Are the Hoyas. Mighty, Mighty Hoyas.








 Georgetown goes on the road with a dominating 74-63 win over # 2 UConn.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5


Over the hill gang? Nah, these guys are still going strong and will continue to roll into the playoffs.


2. Cavaliers: They look great so far this season but what is gonna happen next year when Lebron goes to the Knickerbockers?

3. Magic: Where are the Lakers? Dwight Howard Supermanned those Oohhhhhhs.

4. Lakers: gained some confidence with a win over Memphis last night, but its gonna take more than that to stop the Dwight Howards and Kevin Garnetts of the league. Big game with the Celtics on Xmas Day.

5. Hornets: 11-2 over the last 13.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5


  Wicked Awesome!  Who needs Tom Brady or the SOX when the Celtics are playing as good as any team we have seen.  14 wins in a row is good enough for this show.


2.  Cavaliers:  11 game winstreak ends but King James keeps this machine churning. 

3.  Lakers:  Loss to Sacramento and close win over the Knicks raises some questions, but they are still a dominant team when clicking on all cylinders.

4.  Magic:  Playing very well with Dwight Howard as the most dominant big man in the league.

5.  Hornets:  The addition of Antonio Daniels should take some pressure off of Chris Paul.


Who Throws a Shoe?!

Yes our beloved Redskins did play a game yesterday but who wants to hear about them losing to the lowly Bungals.  Instead The John Thompson Show has decided to stay on the lighter side and give you this photograph of a mad journalist hurling a shoe at President Bush during his farwell visit to Baghdad.  The journalist was heard yelling "this is a farewell kiss!" and later joked that the shoe was "a size 10."

5 Most, Least 5: NBA Jersey Edition

With the Holiday's rapidly approaching the John Thompson Show has decided to give you the 5 Most, and Least, popular NBA Jerseys of the past decade.

5 Most:

1.  Michael Jordan- 6 Championships+ 5 MVP's + Ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound = Marketing Machine.  I wonder where Sam Bowie's jersey ranks?

2.  Kobe Bryant-  The self proclaimed "Black Mamba".  One of the most popular players in the world.

3.  Allen Iverson- Georgetown's own "A.I"

4.  Lebron James-  The Chosen One, The Candy Man, the best player in the world today (and maybe ever).

5.  Shaq-  The Diesel.  Great Personality + Superhuman Strength = Mucho Jersey Sales

Least 5:

1.  Chris Quinn, Heat- Who?

2.  Vince Carter, Team Canada- Oh Canada.

3.  Rudy Gay, Grizzlies-  Good player, bad team. 

4.  Michael Jordan's #12, Bulls-  This is just wrong.

5.  Any 2008 All-Star Game Jersey- They made these?


Portis Pockets Wrinkled?!

Clinton Portis made his regular appearance on The John Thompson Show yesterday and voiced his displeasure with head coach Jim Zorn.  Make sure to check out the entire interview in ESPN980's audio vault.

The John Thompson Show NBA Top 5


 ** Have to give the defending champs their due.  They play great defense and have a rising star in Rondo.  Oh yeah, the 3 amigos help too.

        2.  Cleveland:  All hail King James.  Great scoring option in Mo Williams and excellent play from Ilgauskas make James even more dangerous.

        3.  Lakers:  Kobe, Bynum, Odom, Gasol, the Lakers have plenty of threats to keep defenses gasping for air.

        4.  Blazers:  Very young, very good.  If Oden plays half as well as expected this team could be deadly.

        5.  Magic:  Surprised?!   With Superman anything's possible.  Howard's back to back double double-doubles (at least 20 points and 20 rebounds) puts him in the company of Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain.            

** In case you haven't noticed you have to earn your logo in these rankings.  #1 get's their team emblem up.  Call it a badge of honor.

Who is helping up Jason?

Bruce Boudreau Needs More Out of His... Cupholder???
Where Has All The Defense Gone?

The problem with the Wizards isn't heart or coaching. It's not leadership, they get plenty of that from Butler and Jamison.  It's not even talent, they at least have enough to compete.  No, the problem with the Wizards is a failure to commit on the defensive end and that is a team effort.  The Wizards have been spoiled the last couple of years with 3 All-Stars who could outscore even the top teams in the league.  With that kind of talent the Wizards never had to stop anyone, just marginally disrupt them.  But no more.  With Arenas out at least another month and Haywood (The Wizards version of an enforcer) likely out for the year, the deficiencies on the defensive end have become glaring.  Again it's not a lack of effort.  They simply may not have the personnel to match up with the more physical teams in the league.  It's possible the Wizards could turn this around, get more consistency from Stevenson and Blatche.  But unless Haywood miraculously comes back next week don't count on any fairytale endings.

CLINTON PORTIS Tuesday @ 3pm on the John Thompson Show

John Thompson Interview about significance of Obama's win
The John Thomspon Show NBA TOP 5










Rev. Jesse Jackson joined the John Thomspon Show. Listen in the Audio Vault!!



His name etched in history as America's first black president-elect, Barack Obama turned Wednesday from victory's jubilation to the sobering challenge of leading a nation in crisis. The 44th president-in-waiting kept a low profile while Americans and the world took in the enormity of the election.

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep," Obama told a victory rally of 125,000 people jammed into Chicago's Grant Park.

Young and charismatic but with little experience on the national level or as an executive, Obama easily defeated Republican John McCain, smashing records and remaking history along the way.

Ending an improbable journey that started for Obama a long 21 months ago, he drew a record-shattering $700 million to his campaign account alone. The first African-American destined to sit in the Oval Office, he also was the first Democrat to receive more than 50 percent of the popular vote since Jimmy Carter in 1976. He is the first senator elected to the White House since John F. Kennedy in 1960.

And Obama scored an Electoral College landslide that redrew America's political dynamics. He won states that reliably voted Republican in presidential elections, such as Indiana and Virginia, which hadn't supported a Democratic candidate in 44 years. Ohio and Florida, key to President Bush's twin victories, also went for Obama, as did Pennsylvania, which McCain had deemed crucial for his election hopes.

With most U.S. precincts tallied, the popular vote was 52.3 percent for Obama and 46.4 percent for McCain. But the count in the Electoral College was much more lopsided - 349 to 147 in Obama's favor as of early Wednesday, with three states still to be decided. Those were North Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.

When Obama and running mate Joe Biden take their oath of office on Jan. 20, Democrats will control both the White House and Congress for the first time since 1994, and with expanded majorities in both the House and the Senate.

With just 76 days until the inauguration, Obama is expected to move quickly to begin assembling a White House staff and selecting Cabinet nominees. Campaign officials said Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel was the front-runner to be Obama's chief of staff. The advisers spoke on a condition of anonymity because the announcement had not yet been made.

With these moves and many others to come upon him quickly, Obama planned a everyman day-after in his hometown of Chicago. The president-elect had little on his schedule besides taking his two young daughters to school, a simple pleasure he's missed during nearly two years of virtually nonstop travel, and then a workout.

Naming the staggering list of problems he inherits - two wars and "the worst financial crisis in a century," among them - Obama sought to restrain the soaring expectations of his supporters.

"We may not get there in one year or even in one term," he said. "But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you, we as a people will get there."

A tide of international goodwill came Obama's way on Wednesday morning, even as developments made clear how heavy a weight will soon be on his shoulders.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a congratulatory telegram saying there is "solid positive potential" for the election to improve strained relations between Washington and Moscow, if Obama engages in constructive dialogue.

Yet he appeared to be deliberately provocative hours after the election with sharp criticism of the U.S. and his announcement that Russia will deploy missiles near NATO member Poland in response to U.S. missile defense plans.

In Afghanistan, where villagers said the U.S. bombed a wedding party and killed 37 people, President Hamid Karzai said: "This is my first demand of the new president of the United States - to put an end to civilian casualties."

In the Middle East, Hamas militants pounded southern Israel with rockets.

From the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI sent Obama a personal note delivering his prayers for God's blessing on him.

The nation awakened to the new reality at daybreak, a short night after millions witnessed Obama's election - an event so rare it could not be called a once-in-a-century happening. Prominent black leaders wept unabashedly in public, rejoicing in the elevation of one of their own, at long last.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had made two White House bids himself, said on ABC's "Good Morning America" that the tears streaming down his face upon Obama's victory were about his father and grandmother and "those who paved the fights. And then that Barack's so majestic."

Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and leading player in the civil rights movement with Jackson, said on NBC's "Today" show: "He's going to call on us, I believe, to sacrifice. We all must give up something."

Speaking from Hong Kong, retired Gen. Colin Powell, the black Republican whose endorsement of Obama symbolized the candidate's bipartisan reach and bolstered him against charges of inexperience, called the senator's victory "a very very historic occasion." But he also predicted that Obama would be "a president for all America."

Bush, whose public approval ratings have plummeted in the waning days of his presidency, was mostly behind the scenes in the last weeks of the historic campaign. He called Obama to congratulate him late Tuesday and scheduled a midmorning statement in the White House Rose Garden.

Bush had called Obama with congratulations minutes after his win was certain Tuesday night. "I promise to make this a smooth transition," the president said. "You are about to go on one of the great journeys of life. Congratulations and go enjoy yourself." He invited Obama and his family to visit the White House soon.

On Capitol Hill, Democrats ousted incumbent GOP Sens. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and John Sununu of New Hampshire and captured seats held by retiring Republican senators in Virginia, New Mexico and Colorado. Still, the GOP blocked a complete rout, holding the Kentucky seat of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Associated Press prematurely declared incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman the winner in a race against Democratic former comedian Al Franken that by state law is subject to a recount based on the 571-vote margin. The party also held onto a Mississippi seat once held by Trent Lott.

In the House, with fewer than a dozen races still undecided, Democrats captured Republican-held seats in the Northeast, South and West and were on a path to pick up as many as 20 seats.

"It is not a mandate for a party or ideology but a mandate for change," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said the American people "have called for change in America." She scheduled a midday news conference on Capitol Hill Wednesday to elaborate.

After the longest and costliest campaign in U.S. history, Obama was propelled to victory by voters dismayed by eight years of Bush's presidency and deeply anxious about rising unemployment and home foreclosures and a battered stock market that has erased trillions of dollars of savings for Americans.

Six in 10 voters picked the economy as the most important issue facing the nation in an Associated Press exit poll. None of the other top issues - energy, Iraq, terrorism and health care - was selected by more than one in 10. Obama has promised to cut taxes for most Americans, get the United States out of Iraq and expand health care, including mandatory coverage for children.

McCain conceded defeat shortly after 11 p.m. EST, telling supporters outside the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, "The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly."

"This is an historic election, and I recognize the special significance it has for African-Americans and the special pride that must be theirs tonight," McCain said. "These are difficult times for our country. And I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face."

The son of a Kenyan father and a white mother from Kansas, the 47-year-old Obama has had a startlingly rapid rise, from lawyer and community organizer to state legislator and U.S. senator, now not even four years into his first term.

Almost six in 10 women supported Obama nationwide, while men leaned his way by a narrow margin, according to interviews with voters. Just over half of whites supported McCain, giving him a slim advantage in a group that Bush carried overwhelmingly in 2004.

The results of the AP survey were based on a preliminary partial sample of nearly 10,000 voters in Election Day polls and in telephone interviews over the past week for early voters.

In terms of turnout, America voted in record numbers. It looks like 136.6 million Americans will have voted for president this election, based on 88 percent of the country's precincts tallied and projections for absentee ballots, said Michael McDonald of George Mason University. Using his methods, that would give 2008 a 64.1 percent turnout rate, the highest since 65.7 percent in 1908, he said.