Nick Ashooh


Nick Ashooh is the co-host of DMV Game Time on ESPN 980 every weeknight from 7-10pm. He started off as a programming intern while still at George Mason, before becoming an update anchor/fill-in host, as well as the Director of Production for ESPN 980 after graduation.

Nick can also be heard nationally on “The Nick Ashooh Show” on Fox Sports Radio as well as SiriusXM.

NickĀ  has spent his entire post college career with ESPN 980, doing everything short of cleaning the toilets to get his start (that’s where he drew the line).

He grew up playing soccer and basketball in Stafford, VA, but realized very quickly that what his scouting report said wouldn’t get him very far, so that meant he had to choose the next best route, talking about OTHER people playing sports.

He’s also finally accepted the nickname “Smedium”, which ironically is the name of his ESPN 980 fantasy football championship winning team. So that makes up for it.

Nick can be found on twitter: @NickAshooh, Instagram: @Nashooh, but not on My Space.




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