Vegas and Mayweather-Cotto 140 characters at a time
May 11, 2012 -- 2:44pm


Wednesday, May 2

Heading to #Vegas for #MayweatherCotto Will be doing "The Sports Fix" live from MGM Grand Thursday and Friday. @ESPNRadio980

20 years covering #boxing in Vegas, have spent a total of 8 months there on someone else's dime #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

I miss The Flame #Vegas #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

I miss The Algiers #Vegas #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

Taxi driver told me they closed O Shea's Casino and they're going to put up a ferris wheel. What happened to my #Vegas? @ESPNRadio980

Where's the damn Waffle House? #Vegas #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

What happened to mechanical Foster Brooks at MGM bar? I want to buy it #Vegas #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

Is it frowned upon in taxi culture to ask cabbie to take you through drive-through window at Carl's Jr. at 2 a.m.? #Vegas @ESPNRadio980


Thursday May 3

Yesterday one of darkest days #NFL has seen -- #bountygate suspensions, Seau death. There will be more. @ESPNRadio980

Time for #Nationals to reconnect with history and Frank Robinson @ESPNRadio980

I'm live today at MGM Grand in #Vegas, site of #mayweathercotto, noon to 2 p.m. on "The Sports Fix" @ESPNRadio980

At MGM Grand #mayweathercotto -- I've been ringside for some wild fights -- Foreman-Moorer, Holyfield-Tyson bite fight @ESPNRadio980

#NFL unfair to #Saints? Think motive. Would NFL really want to damage once-pathetic franchise that had become marquee team? @ESPNRadio980

#Saints punishment aren't measure of crime; they measure level of #NFL fear about concussion crisis and end game @ESPNRadio980

#Saints are like a Carlos Marcello crew. In past 2 years, been investigated by DEA, FBI and State Police #NFL #bountygate @ESPNRadio980

Unlikely Mayweather-Pacquiao will ever happen -- reminds me of Riddick Bowe-Lennox Lewis fight that never took place @ESPNRadio980

In 1997, two relievers blew playoff series. Careers went in different directions -- Armando Benitez and Mariano Rivera #MLB @ESPNRadio980

Mariano Rivera should know --shagging fly ball in batting practice can be dangerous. Ask Mark Lerner #Nationals #MLB @ESPNRadio980

Jayson Werth tied NL record for 9-inning game Thurs - 10 putouts RF. Shares it with Bill Nicholson, born, raised Chestertown MD.#Nationals


Friday May 4

I am live from #Vegas for #mayweathercotto today on "The Sports Fix" noon to 2 p.m.@ESPNRadio980.

Kevin Sheehan -- the "Dr. Spock" of sports talk radio -- will be co-hosting "The Sports Fix" today from @ESPNRadio980 studios

4 May The New Yorker‏@NewYorker

Angell on Mariano Rivera: "No player of our time imposed his will and style more firmly on the game and in our minds"

WP Michael Lee says Kevin Seraphin -- 0 votes NBA's Most Improved Player. Hard to believe, given crack #Wizards PR machine #mickeymouse

Mike Rizzo is right. If you know Art Howe, he deserved better than he got in #Moneyball. Reason enough to pass on it @ESPNRadio980

"Natitude Park?" Hope it's not "Body Bag Stadium" before weekend is over #Nationals #MLB@ESPNRadio980

Those at Press Club for Rizzo -- see anything #Redskins Brandon Meriweather left behind? He couldn't remember club was at after DUI arrest

Derby memory -- OJ Simpson watching early morning workout. Screams at blonde with him watching on steps "Get down -- now!" Everyone got down

Here's a PR press release that Washington baseball fans might have wanted to see from #Nationals: "FRANK HOWARD" @ESPNRadio980

The King on his throne at #mayweathercotto in #Vegas @espnradio980

At #Nationals Park this weekend, will we see Jim Bowden emerge from behind outfield door riding Segway with "Natitude" cape? @ESPNRadio980

Look for Golden Boy promotions back in DC for late Oct VC card -- perhaps another Lamont Peterson-Seth Mitchell show #boxing @ESPNRadio980

Forgotten, sad side of "Our Park" series -- #Nationals Park is place where #Phillies legendary broadcaster Harry Kalas died @ESPNRadio980

Watching "Our Park" @MGM Grand in #Vegas. Not many Phillies fans here. Succes #Nationals. Also bet 1-3-5 tri @ESPNRadio980

I am damn good at picking 2-3-4 in trifectas #mgmsportsbook #Vegas @ESPNRadio980

When giving out medals to Grunfeld for Nene deal,, wouldn't #Wizards been better off taking Kenneth Faried instead of Veseley @ESPNRadio980

Kentucky visiting White House, #Wizards no where to be found. Wizards could beat Kentucky now. After all they lost 5 players @ESPNRadio980

Shape of things to come in the west? Bartender at MGM in #Vegas just said to co-worker, "Rule is coming down. No water for the staff"

Give #Nationals credit for winning day 1 "Our Park" battle. But I hear Little Nicky Scarfo has imported muscle for tomorrow @ESPNRadio980

Saw Jose Contreras pitch for Cuban National team against Orioles in Havana in 1999.

Joe Namath wouldn't even wear batting gloves #Nationals @ESPNRadio980

I know half the players treat their batting gloves like a condom that won't fit. Doesn't mean I have to like it #Nationals @ESPNRadio980

Maybe #Nationals should go to an Eddie Feigner "King and his Court" lineup -- Harper, Strasburg, a catcher & an infielder @ESPNRadio980

"Our Park" may be success tonight, but Davey should take care what he says on this. It's what gets him in trouble #Nationals @ESPNRadio980


Saturday May 5

#Boxing, horse racing center stage today -- #mayweathercottoand #kentuckyderby. It's like a Jimmy Cannon national holiday @ESPNRadio980

50 yrs ago today, Walter Winchell at Dodger Stadium saw Bo Belinsky pitch no-hitter for Angels and then made him a star #MLB @espnradio980

In #Vegas for #mayweathercotto. My Derby bet: trifecta box -- Bodemeister (8-1), Alpha (22-1) & Trinniberg (41-1). No fear @ESPNRadio980

Hunter Pence says #Nationals playing with chip on shoulders. The chip -- the best performance enhancer @ESPNRadio980


Fortunate to cover #kentuckyderby 3 times -- Smarty Jones, Barbaro and Giacomo. America's celebration of Guys and Dolls @ESPNRadio980

Will be tweeting live from ringside of #MayweatherCotto tonight at MGM Grand in #Vegas @ESPNRadio980

Inside MGM Grand Garden in #Vegas for undercard of #MayweatherCotto. Miss Bert Sugar at ringside #boxing @ESPNRadio980

Braulio Santos wins unanimous 6-round decision over Juan Sandoval in a featherweight bout on undercard of #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

Corners in ring at MGM Grand Garden are named Hatfields and McCoys after new History Channel show #MayweatherCotto @ESPNRadio980

Colonel Bob Sheridan -- 7 heart attacks (one of which I may have caused) -- doing international broadcast #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Colonel left hospital against orders, called fight with cardiologist ringside -- Holyfield-Tyson bite fight #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Steve "2 pounds" Forbes in ring now against Jessie Vargas. "2 pounds" because supposedly 2 pounds when born #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Strange backdrop to #mayweathercotto tonight -- Floyd goes to jail June 1. This is like his 25th hour Spike Lee fight @ESPNRadio980

Jesse Vargas wins unanimous decision over "Two Pounds" Forbes in welterweight bout. Vargas undefeated 19-0 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

40-yr-old Shane Mosley against next big thing, undefeated Canelo Alvarez. Hope Shane doesn't take a beating #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Oscar De La Hoya in business with nearly everyone who beat him -- Mosley, Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Alvarez too quick for Mosley. Fear bad beating ahead #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Alvarez landed several hard lefts with ease to head, and some good body shots #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Alvarez cut from head butt. Mosley has a few tricks left #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Mosley peppering Alvarez with many more jabs now, landing, wins round #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Action heated up round 5. Alvarez landed hard uppercuts. Mosley held own, but Alvarez has heavy hands #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Matter of time now. Alvarez backed Mosley in corner several times, landedhard right hands #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

I have if 5-1 for Alvarez through six rounds. Gave Mosley round 4 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Sugar Shane Mosley turning into molasses in the ring at MGM Grand #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Mosley found something that round. Came forward. One point Alvarez seemed perplexed Mosley still there #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Mosley too tough for own good. May be pissing blood tonight after some of those body shots from Alvarez #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

I have it 7-2 Alvarez #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

This isn't good for anyone. Mosley taking a beating #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

If Hatfields and McCoys were like Alvarez and Mosley, the History Channel wouldn't be doing a show about it #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

12 years ago next month the great Shane Mosley beat De La Hoya the first time. That fighter distant memory #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Canelo Alvarez pounds out unanimous 12-round decision over Shane Mosley and remains undefeated at 40--0 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

As if titles mean anything anymore, Alvarez retains his WBC super welterweight belt (154 pounds) #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Mike Tyson here, fresh off 1-man show. Once did 1-man show for me, calling me an "alcoholic" and "pedophile" #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Mayweather & Cotto in ring now. Prediction: Mayweather, ninth-round TKO over a bruised and battered Cotto #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Fans booing Mayweather at MGM Grand. He plays the heel better than anyone in boxing #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd landed several effective uppercuts, quick to avoid getting hit. One thing consider: Cotto bigger man. #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Cotto used size and strength to lean on Floyd in corner, landed solid shots. Probably won round #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Cotto determined to trap Floyd on ropes and use power. He looks very sharp so far. Have Cotto ahead 2-1 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd reasserted himself in round 4. Landed a number of powerful right hands. Gets in trouble when on ropes #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Cotto clearly has a game plan -- to fight in a phone booth. It's working for him. Have him winning 3-2 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Didn't expect to see this Cotto. He came ready to fight. Even after six, but Mayweather looks beat up #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd could use some plaster of paris in his gloves right now. Getting beat by Miguel Cotto after 7 rounds #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Cotto dominating Mayweather.. Looks like the fresher, quicker fighter. Floyd looks beaten. Cotto 5-3 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Crowd chanting "Cotto, Cotto." Mayweather may have stolen round at end. Cotto up 5-4 on my card #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd found new legs. Landed scoring punches in round 10. My card 5-5. Cotto has to close show strong to win #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd connecting with combos,, strong last minute of round. Have him up on Cotto 6-5 going into final round #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd closed show -- looked great in last round, dominated hard right hands and combos. Have him winning 7-5 #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd Mayweather wins unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Floyd Mayweather is a great fighter. He has it all -- toughness, stamina, speed, ring brilliance #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Cotto fought great fight, gave Floyd more than expected. Had a good strategy but couldn't finish Floyd off #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

DC PR legend Fred Sternburg the best! Soon as fight ended, "Pacquiao has landed" release in my mailbox #mayweathercotto @ESPNRadio980

Next date on Mayweather's calendar is June 1. He enters jail that day on domestic abuse. Said ``I have to accept it like a man.''

Mayweather says offered Pacquiao $40 million. Says Pacquiao said no. Mayweather says promoter Bob Arum won't let fight happen @ESPNRadio980

Mayweather says could have boxed Cotto from distance but chose to fight him. I call BS. Cotto forced him to fight @ESPNRadio980

The uncrowned heavyweight champion has been locked away in a Nevada state prison. My Examiner column @ESPNRadio980

Judges #MayweatherCotto scores 117-111, 118-110, 117-111. Questionable. Mayweather's name wrong on cards -- Matyweather @ESPNRadio980

I had #MayweatherCotto 115-113 for Floyd. Associated Press scored it 116-112. Boston Herald had it 115-113. @ESPNRadio980




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