John Calipari the next coach of the Washington Lockouts/Wizards?
Apr 11, 2011 -- 6:54pm

   Wednesdays at 12:40 p.m. on "The Sports Fix" we do a segment called "Bold Prediction," the idea of which is to predict something that is not likely to happen but is possible and would be stunning if it came to pass.
    One of my recent, favorite, bold predictions was to say at Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari would be the next coach of the Washington Lockouts/Wizards.
    It was dismissed by many because of the assumption that Calipari would not leave a great job like Kentucky -- arguably the best job in college basketball, with his eight-year, $32 million contract.
    But there are several reasons why I thought it was a good shot in the dark.
    First, I think we can assume that Calipari, who had left NCAA scandals behind at Massachusett and Memphis, is always one phone call away from another scandal, and there were reports during the NCAA tournament that the school is facing an investigation for improper recruiting phone calls.
    Also, it must still bother a man with Calipari's ego that his one NBA stint with New Jersey was considered a major failure, and I think it eats at him to want another shot to change that.
    Finally, Calipari stays in close touch with the Lockouts/Wizards franchise young star, his former player, John Wall, who says he is in contact with Calipari three or four times a week.
    Now the rumors are out there that Calipari is the choice of New York Knicks owner James Dolan to come there to run the basketball operation and coach the team.
    Don't forget, during the entire LeBron James free agent drama last year, Calipari's names surfaced as LeBron's hand-picked choice for coach if he signed with the Chicago Bulls. Some of speculated that it was Calipari himself who floated those rumors. So he wants back in the NBA.
     I think the Lockouts/Wizards job remains a possibility for Calipari. I think it would be a mistake for Ted Leonsis, but it would certainly bring some attention to this invisible franchise.


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