Redskins and Cowboys -- to the bone
Dec 30, 2012 -- 7:36pm

 It’s Redskins-Cowboys for the NFC East title, which should make the earth shake. But apparently the children at the NFL network recently, in compiling its list of greatest NFL rivalries, somehow forgot to mention Redskins-Cowboys.

This, as for most of us who can reach the keyboard, is ridiculous. Has it been a hot rivalry of late? No. But rivalries are based in history. They don’t start yesterday and end tomorrow, and nobody has the history of Redskins-Cowboys. It’s the NFL version of Yankees-Red Sox, or Celtics-Lakers.

Here’s what legendary Hall of Fame Redskins receiver Charlie Taylor said about the rivalry – “The Redskins-Cowboys rivalry was down to the bone, down to the marrow.”

Taylor was from Texas, and said in part one of the reasons for the rivalry was the Redskins had so many Texans on their roster, and got tired of hearing about the Cowboys back home.

Taylor was talking about the rivalry in the 1960s, before George Allen arrived in 1971 and raised it to a new level.

It started in a feud between owners George Preston Marshall and Clint Murchison, and grew because of players like Taylor, Ken Houston, Diron Talbert, John Riggins, Dexter Manley, Santana Moss and so many others who delivered memorable moments that fueled the rivalry.

Sunday night at FedEx Field, it’s a chance for another Texan – Robert Griffin III – to deliver his moments in that rivalry.

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