Redskins and Browns -- joined together by playmakers and what could have been
Dec 16, 2012 -- 11:03am

The past and futures of the Washington Redskins and their opponent today, the Cleveland Browns, are closely tied together by deals that were made and could have been made
In 1961, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall made the historic move to draft Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis and then trade him to the Browns for Bobby Mitchell.
It was a trade that changed the future of both organizations -- particularly the Browns. As the story has been told numerous times, Davis never played for Cleveland, diagnosed with leukemia and gone with .......of being traded. The Browns saw Ernie Davis as part of perhaps the most powerful one-two backfield punch in football history.
Cleveland went on to win an NFL title several years later, but with Brown and Davis, they envisioned a dynasty that might have trumped the Green Bay Packers.
While the Redskins never would enjoy championship glory with Mitchell, he became a franchise icon and one of the most productive players in Redskins history.
During this past off season, the Browns had the chance to trade for another Heisman Trophy winner. But they were beaten out by Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins.
Robert Griffin III could have changed football in Cleveland. Instead, he is in Washington, becomign a franchise icon and one of the most productive players in Redskins history -- and perhaps leading the franchise to championship glory.


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