RG3, Captain of Washington, D.C.
Nov 18, 2012 -- 10:56am

Finally, Washington may have a captain who is up to the task

Robert Griffin III – the product of a military family – has been given the rank of captain by the Washington Redskins.

He’s a rookie, which is sort of like an enlisted man running an Army unit, but it speaks to two things – the great leadership skills of this young man and the void of leadership within the Redskins locker room.

Selecting captains hasn’t worked very well for sports teams in this town, and you would think in Washington -- with the Pentagon and all the surrounding military installations and personnel -- the sports teams would be better at it.

Last year there was Andray Blatche, the Wizards former big man and basketball wasteland who declared at the home opener at Verizon Center that he was the captain of the Wizards:

Last year’s Redskins team captains included Santana Moss, who took off his helmet on the field to argue a call and cost his team an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a 34-10 loss to the Eagles. And there was Trent Williams, who was on shore leave for the final four games of last season for violating the league's substance abuse policy.

This is the Joseph Hazelwood Exxon Valdez school of captaincy.

RG3, though, seems like a perfect fit for Redskins captain. In fact, can we just make him captain of Washington, D.C., period?

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