Porter, Hoyas Keep Rolling With Win Over Rutgers
by Al Galdi
Mar 03, 2013 -- 2:24pm

No. 7 Georgetown beats Rutgers 64-51 on Saturday night (March 2, 2013).

The Facts:

1.    The Hoyas improved to 23-4 overall.

2.    The Hoyas improved to 13-3 in the Big East.

3.    The Hoyas won their 11th consecutive game.

4.    The Hoyas are seventh in the latest Associated Press poll and eighth in the latest USA Today coaches poll.

Injury/Absence/Roster Update:
1.    Sophomore forward Greg Whittington did not play for a 14th consecutive game, as he is out indefinitely due to academic issues.  The Hoyas now are 13-1 without Whittington.

The Positives:
1.    The Hoyas held the Scarlet Knights to 37-percent shooting and now are second in the Big East in field-goal-percentage defense (37.6).

2.    The Hoyas shot 45.5 percent from the field and are fourth in the Big East with a field-goal percentage of 46.1.

3.    The Hoyas won the rebounding battle, 35-27, and now have a rebounding differential of plus-27 over 27 games this season.  The Hoyas are 10th out of 15 Big East teams with an average rebounding margin of plus-one.
     a.    The Hoyas had a rebounding differential of just plus-one over the first 15 games, then a rebounding differential of plus-40 over the next seven games and then a rebounding differential of minus-22 over the next four games.

4.    The Hoyas committed just 13 turnovers and now have committed just 61 turnovers over the last five games off committing 138 turnovers over the previous 10 games.  The Hoyas averaged just 11.8 turnovers over the first 12 games.  The Hoyas are seventh out of 15 Big East teams with an average turnover margin of plus-1.48.

5.    The Hoyas had 42 free-throw attempts to the Scarlet Knights’ 15.  The Hoyas went just 30-for-42 on their free throws; the Scarlet Knights just 6-for-15.  The Hoyas now are 10th out of 15 Big East teams with a free-throw percentage of 68.3.

6.    Sophomore forward Otto Porter Jr. went 1-for-2 on threes, 5-for-10 on twos and 15-for-18 on free throws and finished with 28 points, eight rebounds, four steals, three blocks and two assists in 40 minutes as a starter.  He leads the Big East in three-point shooting at 46.9 percent.

7.    Junior forward Nate Lubick (LOO-bick) had six points on 2-of-2 shooting, six rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 28 minutes as a starter.  He still leads the Big East with a field-goal percentage of 60.0.

8.    True-freshman guard D'Vauntes (deh-VAHN-tehz) Smith-Rivera went 2-for-4 on threes and 1-for-1 on twos and finished with nine points and three rebounds in 27 minutes off the bench.

9.    Junior center Moses Ayegba had four points and seven rebounds in 20 minutes off the bench.  He did go just 4-for-9 on free throws.

The Negatives:
1.    Junior guard Markel (MAHR-kehl) Starks went 3-for-9 from the field and had two assists versus two turnovers in 32 minutes as a starter.  He did have three rebounds.

2.    Sophomore forward Mikael Hopkins (mih-KAIL HAHP-kihnz) went 0-for-2 from the field, committed three turnovers and had just two rebounds in 15 minutes as a starter.

3.    Sophomore guard Jabril Trawick (juh-BREEL TRAH-wick) went 1-for-3 from the field and committed three turnovers in 36 minutes as a starter.  He did have five rebounds.

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