Upon Further Saints-Redskins Review
Sep 11, 2012 -- 5:27pm

Upon further review of Sunday's win over the Saints...

1Alfred Morris was good but could've been slightly better.  He ran hard and was physical at the point of attack.  His 2nd touchdown in particular was impressive. He had great vision on most of his runs.  With that said, he missed a few cutbacks that would've resulted in more yards.  Not many, but a few.  His 3.4 yards per carry isn't quite what Shanahan wants out of his running game.  He's looking for something closer to 4.5 to 5.  I'm surprised that Shanahan made it a point during his Monday press conference to say Morris was the starter moving forward.  I'm suspicious and think he might give Royster and/or Helu more carries in St. Louis.

2.  Kory Lichtensteiger's holding penalties were questionable.  He had two of them and neither was obvious.  Additionally, his mobility and dare I say it speed, are why the Shanahans love him.  He was very good.

3.  RG3's decision-making was interesting in a few cases.  I wonder what the Shanahans think of some of the decisions he made.  His across-the-field pass to Fred Davis on the first play of the 2nd quarter wasn't as easy as the wide-open bootleg dump-off in the flat to Darrell Young.  A pass to Santana Moss later in the 2nd quarter for a first down looked like a play where running the ball or throwing a pass to Helu would've been easier and resulted in a first-down as well. 

4.  Their intention at the end of the first half WAS to score.  Some have questioned why they weren't more aggressive on the drive that ended with the blocked punt.  I think their intention was aggressive but with 1:46 left and the ball at their own 22, their first-down draw was bungled between RG3 and Royster resulting in a 2-yard loss.  The Skins' 2-minute offense the past two years has almost always started with a draw or screen.  I think the draw was the first play in their 2-minute drill but after the 2-yard loss, they turned conservative and decided to run clock, force the Saints to burn timeouts, and give it back to them if they couldn't make a first down running the ball.  I AM surprised that after an 8-yd run from Royster to set up 3rd and 4 that they didn't throw the ball for the first down.  At that point, there were still :52 seconds left and the Saints had two timeouts.  Running the 3rd and 4 draw seemed a bit too conservative in that spot. 

5.  Jimmy Graham is the best tight end in football.  He might be one of the best 5 to10 players in the game.  At 6-7, 265, with incredible athleticsm, strength, and more importantly soft hands, Graham is the best at his position.  He must be doubled and even then it's nearly impossible to stop him if Brees puts the ball up high.  An amazing athlete and football player.

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