Skins-Bills Wrap
Aug 09, 2012 -- 11:21pm

Nothing says the first preseason game more than 13 total points, 23 penalties, and 17 punts. It was a hard watch after RG3 left the game but here's my good, bad, and more anyway.


1. RG3: Forget the #'s which were good, the biggest takeaway for me was how comfortable and confident he looked. His best play was his 20-yd throw to Garcon after he looked off his first two progressions. Fourteen total snaps and none of em required him to run or extend the play much. Credit to the o-line and his ability to get the ball out quickly for that.

2. Pass Rush: Kerrigan and Orakpo early, Rob Jackson later.

3. Starting O-Line: Griffin went untouched on all six pass attempts and the running game got going on the one touchdown drive.

4. Garcon: Yards after catch has been a problem for years, Garcon will provide it. The excessive celebration penalty was unnecessary.

5. Cousins: His numbers weren't great but probably due to the revolving cast of teammates around him. Like RG3, he played with a high level of confidence. When he wasn't rushed, he threw the ball pretty well.


1. Rex. He was off throwing the ball even though he was pressured much more than Griffin.

2. Dropped INT's. At least three by my count, Merriweather had a chance for an early one.


1. Replacement refs struggled. NFL needs to fix this and soon.

2. C. Baker, R. Jackson, A. Morris, C. Wilson, J. Wilson, and M. White were a few of the others that made plays.

3. Banks was targeted a bunch but only caught two balls for 7 yards. Not sure if the lack of productivity was due to his route running or the throws from Rex and Cousins. I think more of the latter.

4. Hope Trent Williams' foot is okay.

5. Rackers vs Gano has to wait at least another week. 

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