Skins-Bills Wrap
Aug 24, 2013 -- 7:22pm

Lots to digest and suggest after the Skins preseason win over the Bills.  The good, bad, and more.


1.   The offense.  20 points on 299 yards and 17 first downs in the first half alone.  The Redskins didn't need to make many third-down conversions because they were making first downs on 1st and 2nd down.   Bottom line, you've seen evidence here in the preseason that the offense has a chance to very good again.  Even though Rex Grossman moved the team well, the offense really hums when the QB is a legit threat to run. 

2.  Quarterback play.  If you're a quarterback in the NFL, playing for the Shanahans should be at the top of your wish list.  If Donovan McNabb weren't so resistant to change, he might still be playing for this team.  Rex wasn't as sharp today as he was in the first two preseason games but he was still good enough to manage a 116.4 QB rating in the first half.  Pat White has made a case to be on the final roster.  I suggested last year that the Shanahans would search for a “poor man's" version of RG3 and White appears to fit the bill.  He couldn’t throw the ball in mini-camp….the improvement since then is remarkable.  Keeping 4 QBs seems unrealistic because there are pressing depth needs at other positions but White has made the 3rd QB discussion interesting.  Sonny suggested on the pregame show that White is tradeable after performing well in the preseason.  Maybe a team like Buffalo with their banged-up QB situation?

3.  Roy Helu Jr.   He's been impressive this preseason and he's solidified his spot as Morris' back-up.  He'll get meaningful carries this year while spelling Morris and plenty of 3rd-down opportunities as a runner and pass receiver.

4.  Kai Forbath.  He's picked up where he left off.  Perfect in the preseason and a 53-yarder today.  I would like to see his touchback percentage go up on kickoffs but field-goal percentage is his most important #.

5.  EJ Biggers & Jerome Murphy on Sp. Teams.  They both played with great energy on special teams.  Biggers also had a pass-deflection on a corner blitz.  Murphy had a nice play in coverage as well.

6.  Brandon Jenkins and Darryl Tapp.  Both have made their mark in the preseason as edge pass rushers.  Overall, defensive speed looks much better than a year ago.

7.  Aldrick Robinson.  He's running all types of routes this summer and he's doing it successfully.

8.  Darrell Young and WRs as blockers.  D. Young blocks well and so do the Skins' wide outs.  It's a big reason they run the ball so well and is an underrated reason for the read-option's success.  In fact, the FB and WRs must be successful blocking not just because it helps the play work but it also protects the QB when he runs to the edge.


1.  Crawford on punt returns & the injury.  Fielding one of them at his own 2 and running backwards on another and then the news that he's done for the year with a knee injury.

2.  Defense against read-option on Bills' 1st-half TD drive.  Like most teams, they had a hard time stopping Kolb, Spiller, etc. when the Bills went to an up-tempo spread look with read-option as their primary play.


1.  The Redskins first-team D got some work against the spread-read/option attack when Kolb was in there for Buffalo.  Before Kolb got hurt, the up-tempo spread look with read-option was a preview of what Philly may run with Vick. 

2.  The slant or square-in pass works so much better when its run out of the Pistol with a run-threat QB. 

3.  Another fumble from Thompson even though they got it back....lucky.  He sort of redeemed himself with some good runs and a big punt return.  I think they like him a lot.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week, especially considering the Crawford injury opens up the punt returner spot.

4.  Nice play by Lance Lewis to rip fumble out of PR's hands.

5.  Keiland Williams has run well in the preseason.

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