Feb 17, 2013 -- 10:53am

Five thoughts after Maryland's 83-81 win over Duke last night at Comcast.

1.  Mason Plumlee was awful.  The reason cited by Coach K after the game was fatigue and that may be true but even a tired National Player of the Year candidate should produce more than 4 points and 3 rebounds.

2.  Maryland attempted 18 fewer shots than Duke and still won.  That's an amazing differential and it's all because of 26 Terp turnovers.  That's a lot of possessions without a chance to score.  If they had turned it over a poor 16 times instead of a horrific 26, they would've won going away.

3.  Maryland's NCAA Tournament chances are back in play after adding a huge win to their resume.  They have 6 games left and they could be favored in 5 of them.  They'll need to win at least 5 to feel good about things heading into the ACC tournament. 

4.  Mark Turgeon said afterwards that it was a tough week on his family and that his son had to leave during the Virginia game because the fans were rough on his Dad.  I've been reading a lot of the criticism on message boards, etc., and it's ridiculous.  He hasn't even been here two years yet.  Can we give him more than a minute to figure things out before we rush to judgement?  For starters, he's doing the thing most of the fans wanted more than anything else....he's recruiting his ass off.  He's everywhere watching players.  I personally saw him and his staff at a premier 7th/8th grade tournament a few weeks back.  7th and 8th graders!  Any spare moment he has he's out recruiting which was the chief complaint about Gary in his last few years.  Additionally, he's got a very young team that's still missing a piece or two.  The lack of a true point guard is the difference between 6th in the ACC right now instead of 2nd or 3rd.  Pe'Shon Howard isn't what he was pre-injury.  Sam Cassell Jr. didn't qualify.  Both could've been the answer at the point and it would've made a huge difference.  In his 2nd year, Turgeon's got them at 17-7/6-6 with a chance to make the tournament with a decent run down the stretch.  Give him some time.

5.  If that was the last Duke game in College Park...not a bad way to end it.  The place was electric per usual and the game was a thriller.  Like many Maryland fans, being a part of the ACC has been part of my fan identity.  The Duke games have been great but I can think of just as many games against Carolina, State, Wake, Clemson, and Virginia that have been just as memorable.  Coach K said after the game "if Maryland thinks this is a rivalry, why are they going to the Big 10?"  The answer I guess is that money trumps loyalty.  Sad.

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