Ravens-49ers Recap
Feb 04, 2013 -- 11:58am

Super Bowl 47 was one of the more memorable Super Bowls in recent history.  It had everything including big plays, a big comeback, a controversial no-call at the end, and of course, the power outage.  It also had super individual performances by Flacco, Jones, and yes, Kapernick.  The best, worst, and other from yesterday.

The Best:

1.  Joe Flacco.  Elite or not, who cares.....at this point, there's no debating that he's damn good and he does what most players only dream of doing, he plays his best in the biggest of games.  He went 22-33 for 287 yards, 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and he had at least 3 passes dropped.  His 3rd & 7 throw to Boldin after being flushed from the pocket in the first quarter was a brilliant throw/play.  His 3rd and inches check to a back-shoulder throw to Boldin was bold but so Flacco-typical.  He attacks the big moment with fearless aggression and it seems to pay off more than it even should.  His playoff run was epic....11 touchdowns, no picks, and a 117.2 QB rating.  His arm is big, it's accurate, and his ability to extend plays inside and outside the pocket is underrated.

2.  Colin Kapernick.  Even when they were down 28-6, I didn't think at the time that Kapernick had played poorly.  The interception he threw to Reed was his worst throw since his pick-6 in the Green Bay game but I didn't feel he was playing badly.  After the outage, he was figureatively lights out.  He threw it, ran it, and led San Fran from 28-6 down into contention.  I didn't love his 2-pt throw or his 4th and goal throw at the end but without him, they wouldn't have been close.

3.  Pistol/Read-Option.  It works, defenses never caught up with it, and most midseason skeptics were wondering last night why the 49ers didn't run more of it, especially on their final few plays.

4.  Anquan Boldin.  What a game, what a playoff run.  6 catches for 104 yards and a touchdown yesterday....22 catches, 380 yards and 4 touchdowns in 4 playoff games.

5.  Jacoby Jones.  He was a free agent signed to a favorable 2-year/$7 million deal last spring.  He scored on a record 108-yard kickoff return and a 56-yd TD catch and run. 

6.  Safety was smart.  Even though Phil Simms seemed to question the move, John Harbaugh did the right thing by taking the safety with Koch running most of the clock out before running out of the end zone.  Too much risk in punting it.  The risk is a block, a short punt with a big return, and the likelyhood that the Niners might get a hail-mary attempt on one final play with decent field position.  The additional brilliance of the move was that Baltimore intentionally held the rushing Niner players knowing that even if it got called, it wouldn't have mattered.

The Worst:

1.  The no-call at the end should've been called.  The throw may have influenced the no-call but it looked like a hold/PI to me.

2.  49er pass coverage.  The 49er defense wasn't the same over their last 4 games and their pass coverage was awful, especially early in the game last night.

3.  San Fran playcalling at the end.  I thought rolling Kapernick out on 3rd and 4th down which essentially cut the field in half and limited his potential receiver targets made no sense.  Why not run more read-option?  Seemed the playcalls were limiting.

4.  Kapernick's 2-point throw and last throw.  The 2-pt throw never had a chance and there's no risk of being picked in that situation so you have to give Moss a chance on the ball.  His last throw to Crabtree was likely out of reach even if there wasn't contact.

5.  Bad timeout by Harbaugh.  The timeout by Harbaugh before the 3rd and goal play at the end was a bad idea.  I know that playclock was close to delay-of-game territory but losing that timeout cost them 40 seconds of time on offense after Baltimore took the safety and punted.  In fact, Baltimore wouldn't have taken the safety with that much time left and the Niners would've likely had the ball in good field position wtih a chance to win.

6.  34-minute power outage.   An obvious momentum-changer. 


1.  Ed Reed playing with a sprained MCL.  Investigation!

2.  Fake FG.  Would've been better on something shorter than 4th and 9 but it was a risk worth taking....Willis made a great play.

3.  CBS picture trouble on Comcast.  It lasted for 3-4 minutes and it felt like I was watching Super Bowl 7 instead of 47.

4.  Akers missed FG/running into the kicker.  Not sure there was contact, also not sure why if there was contact it wouldn't have been roughing.

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