Skins-Cowboys Upon Further Review
Jan 01, 2013 -- 11:09am

Upon further review of the Skins-Cowboys game Sunday night....

1.  Romo's first touchdown pass was ugly.  For starters, it shouldn't have counted because the ball was snapped a full second after the playclock expired but the throw itself was end-over-end ugly even though it did the job by somehow finding Witten. 

2.  Logan Paulson's 3rd and 7 catch in the 2nd quarter was a key play in the game.  The Redskins' game-tying drive down 7-zip doesn't happen without Paulson's fingertips catch on a ball that incredibly wasn't knocked out of his fingers by the defender Moore.

3.  the field is just awful.  Footing was impossible for both teams the entire night. 

4.  Dallas blew a chance to score at the end of the first half.  On a 4th and 9 at the Skins' 34, the Cowboys surprised the Skins by choosing to punt rather than trying a 52-yard FG (into the wind).  The Skins scrambled to get the correct personnel on the field which created two opportunities for Dallas.  The first was to quick-snap the ball to catch the Skins with too many men on the field which would have given them 5-yards and a better chance at a field goal.  The second was to fake the punt because in their confusion, the Skins were left with just 7 men on the field.

5.  Reed Doughty had an excellent game against the run on defense as well as on kick coverage.

6.  Josh Wilson had as good a game as D-Hall did.  

7.  Bob Costas who was working the game for NBC was sitting in Dan Snyder's box when he wasn't working.

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