Skins-Ravens Preview and Prediction
Dec 09, 2012 -- 12:00pm

Skins beat the Ravens if...

1.  the defense holds the Ravens to field goals.  They held the Giants to 4 field goal attempts, one of those in the redzone, the other two very close to the redzone, and that was the difference in the game.  They don't get much pressure, they don't cover well, but if they do it when it matters, it's a 4-point swing.

2.  continue their near-unstoppable offensive rhythm.  32 of their 52 plays on Monday night were run out of the pistol for an average of over 8 yards per play.  If they avoid penalties and turnovers, they'll score 27 plus points and have a chance.

3.  they contain Jacoby Jones' return yardage.  Jones is averaging 34.2 yards per kickoff return, 11.0 per punt return.  He's got 3 total return touchdowns on the season (2 on kickoffs, 1 on punts) yet the Skins have been solid in both coverage areas.  This is a battle the Skins have to win.


Skins 34-29.

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