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Snyder, 'enough is enough'
by Enzo Aldunate
Feb 04, 2011 -- 4:30pm

Daniel Snyder spoke on the The John Thompson Show today from radio row in Dallas, TX and addressed the recent lawsuit that his lawyers filed in New York over an article written in the Washington City Paper in November of last year.

"When someone calls you a criminal, and flat out lies, and makes fun of your wife who's battling breast cancer as the national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness in the NFL and makes fun of it, you're just dealing with someone who's crossed the line and what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong," Snyder said.

Snyder wanted a retraction and an apology from the newspaper. When that request was denied, a lawsuit was filed.

"They [the newspaper] chose to continue with their lies and enough is enough," Snyder said.

Snyder made it a point to confirm his appreciation for the media making statements such as "I love the media. I respect the media" and "I believe in the media." He also cited that he had never sued the media prior to this incident.

In a moment of self-deprecation, Snyder jokingly acknowledged criticism he receives on WTEM, a radio station that he owns, but does not operate.

"I own part of the radio station and I think you guys beat the snot out of me when we lose, and we respect that and we understand it."

Doc Walker, co-host of The John Thompson Show, replied, "It's our job."

When asked about the timing of the lawsuit being during super bowl week, Snyder denied emphatically that it was a strategic choice.

"It has nothing to do with me. It has to do with the lawyers," Snyder said. "They said we have to go and I said, ok lets go."

Snyder confirmed that any monetary retribution acquired from the lawsuit will go to charity. "Give it to the homeless," he said. "This is about what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong."


Other topics Daniel Snyder commented on:

On reports of Hayensworth's road rage incident in Reston, Virginia:

"I heard something this morning. I haven't heard from Bruce yet. I am eagerly awaiting to see what that's all about."


On the effect of the poor Dallas weather on future Super Bowl sites:

“I actually think it’s going to end up being a positive. Let’s wait until after the Super Bowl on Monday to see how the final experience was here... we will get a Super Bowl in Washington D.C.”


On this year's Super Bowl game:

"I'm rooting for the Green Bay Packers so we can say we beat the super bowl champs."


On the state of the Washington Redskins:

"I love this football team. I love this community. I'm dedicated. I'm doing the best I can to support my coach, Mike Shanahan, and my general manager in Bruce Allen. We're in good hands. I'm pleased about the direction of our franchise."


To hear the interview, click here.

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Monday Morning Hangover: Keys to defeat in Redskins loss to Vikings
by Enzo Aldunate
Nov 29, 2010 -- 12:22pm

Winning for the first time on the road this season and in their first game under new interim head coach Leslie Frazier, the Vikings defeated the Redskins 17-13.

It was a relatively close match. Both teams scored three times. For the Vikings, it was a TD, TD, FG combination. For the Redskins, it was a combination of TD, FG, FG. The Vikings were 6/15 on 3rd down; the Redskins were 7/15 on 3rd down. The Vikings net 162 yards passing, the Redskins 187 yards. The Vikings punted 7 times; the Redskins punted 6 times.

But the Vikings won, and did so without Adrian Peterson for the majority of the game who injured his ankle. So why did the Redskins lose?

Here are the KEYS TO DEFEAT that led to the Redskins loss to the Vikings:

Riley Penalty on Banks TD Return
The Redskins had 3 more penalties than the Vikings on Sunday, but none of them meant as much as the illegal blocking penalty called on Perry Riley in the 4th quarter.

Every time Banks touches the ball, Redskins fans hold your breath in anticipation of something great. And sure enough in the 4th quarter as the Redskins were gaining momentum, Brandon Banks ran back a punt for 77 yards in an electrifying run down the left sidelines, seemingly giving the Redskins a 20-17 lead and a potentially game-winning score.

But it was all for naught. For the second time this year, a Banks TD is called back when the Redskins needed it most. And the sad fact is that the block was unnecessary and inconsequential to the play and it was Riley’s SECOND illegal blocking penalty of the game.

Redskins Ineffective Running
The Redskins running game was non-existent. In stark contrast to the 33 carries last week versus the Titans, the Redskins only ran the ball 13 times for a measly 29 yards. Averaging 2.2 yards a carry, the Redskins even tried the wildcat formation with Brandon Banks a couple of times. It didn’t matter with their longest run of the day being only 4 yards. It appears that the injuries to Portis and Torrain finally caught up with Redskins.

Dropped Passes
McNabb threw for 211 yards on 21/35 passing including 1 TD and 1 INT. It could have been better had not his receivers dropped catchable balls. Even the interception was a very catchable pass albeit thrown a little high, but after bouncing off of Santana’s shoulder pads, the ball popped straight up into the air which provided for an easy catch for Minnesota’s E.J. Henderson.

LaRon Landry’s Absence
When Adrian Peterson got injured, Toby Gerhart took over the reigns as the primary rusher. The Redskins couldn’t stop him when they needed to most – which was the 4th quarter. The Vikings ended the game by eating up the last 6:13 of the 4th quarter clock on a 13 play drive featuring 7 carries by Toby Gerhart. If Landry is in the game, Gerhart doesn’t get all of those 25 yards he got on that last drive



keys to defeat, redskins, vikings
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Redskins Playoff Watch Week 12: Who to root for
by Enzo Aldunate
Nov 27, 2010 -- 11:46am

With six games left in the season, now is the time to really start paying attention not only to your home team but games across the NFL. The Redskins are 5-5, but considering this season's unpredictability, things are far from over.

An Overview of NFL Playoff Qualification

In the current system, 12 of the 32 NFL teams will enter the playoffs, 6 from the NFC and 6 from the AFC including 4 total Wild-Cards. Each of the four division winners in each conference enter the playoffs plus the two Wild-Card teams from each conference.

The first and best way to enter the playoffs is of course as a division winner of the NFC East. Let's take a look at that:

EAGLES (7-3)
Currently in 1st place in the NFC East, the Eagles are just two games ahead of the Redskins and 1 game up on the Giants. While Vick has looked super-human at times, this season has proved on a weekly basis that nobody is immune to upsets. If the Eagles lose, the NFC East playoff picture will suddenly look especially murky.

GIANTS (6-4)
Currently in 2nd place in the NFC East, the Giants will host the Jacksonville Jaguars (6-4) who are tied for 1st place in the AFC South. A loss here by the Giants is good on two fronts. It would mean an NFC loss for a team that is currently ahead of the Redskins, and coupled with a Redskins win over the Vikings would put the Giants and Redskins in a tie for 2nd place in the NFC East.

To use the most cliched phrase in NFL football, the Redskins "must win" versus the Vikings to stay in the hunt for the division title. The Redskins will need to snuff out that born-again spark that the Childress-less Vikings will be playing with in their first game under new interim head coach Lesley Frazier. A victory keeps the Redskins very much in the rear-view mirrors of both the Giants and the Eagles.

Not mathematically out of the playoffs yet, but essentially yes they are. The Cowboys will be playing the role of spoiler for the rest of the season. Ironically, many Redskins fans were rooting for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving because a loss would have dropped the NFC Conference Saints to 7-4. Now the Saints are 8-3 and poised for a lock for the playoffs with just a couple of more wins.

If the Redskins do not win the NFC EAST, they will be competing with either the Eagles or the Giants for a Wild-Card. If the Eagles win the division, destiny is in the hands of the Redskins who still have both games left versus the Giants.

In the NFC NORTH, either the Packers or the Bears will win the division. The leftover will be competing for a Wild-Card. The good news for Redskins fans is that with their victories over both these squads this season, the Redskins win in the head-to-head tie-breaker in both scenarios. That means whoever doesn't win this division must have at least one more victory than the Redskins to pass.

The NFC SOUTH is stacked with three teams with impressive records: Atlanta Falcons (8-2), New Orleans Saints (8-3), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3). Odds are that either the Falcons or the Saints will win this division leaving TWO Wild-Card contenders in terms of Redskins playoff hopes. The Redskins have their only game versus an NFC South team coming up Dec. 12 versus the Buccaneers - a potentially very important game in terms of tie-breakers.

The NFC WEST is led by the 5-5 Seattle Seahawks. At the current moment there are no Wild-Card contenders in this hapless division.


Early Games
REDSKINS (5-5) vs VIKINGS (3-7) at 1:00pm: All Redskins fans know what they want here
JAGUARS (6-4) vs GIANTS (6-4) at 1:00pm: Redskins fans want a JAGUARS victory
PACKERS (7-3) @ FALCONS (8-2) at 1:00pm: Redskins fans want a FALCONS victory

Afternoon Games
EAGLES (7-3) @ BEARS (7-3) at 4:15pm: Redskins fans want a BEARS victory, but an Eagles win is not all bad
BUCCANEERS (7-3) @ RAVENS (7-3) at 4:15pm: Redskins fans want a RAVENS victory


A strong bet is that the NFC South will snag at least one of the Wild-Cards, leaving one Wild-Card up for grabs. That leaves the Redskins competing with either the Bears or Packers AND either the Giants or Eagles AND whomever doesn't make it out of the slugfest in the NFC South. With three games left versus potential Wild-Card contenders and victories over quality teams such as the Bears, Packers and the Eagles, the Redskins are very much in the playoff hunt if they can win this weekend. To view the official NFL rules on tie-breakers, click here.



redskins, playoffs
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Vick Shreds Redskins in Primetime 59-28
by Enzo Aldunate
Nov 16, 2010 -- 4:58am

LANDOVER, MD – The Eagles humiliated the Redskins 59-28 Monday night in front of a national audience. It was the most points scored by one team in Monday Night Football history.

After winning the coin toss and electing to receive, Michael Vick threw an 88-yard TD pass off play-action to DeSean Jackson deep down the middle on the first play from scrimmage. The Eagles scored three more unanswered touchdowns in the 1st quarter making it 28-0. When it was announced over the stadium PA that the 1st quarter was over, the FedExField crowd erupted in cheers - undoubtedly hoping that the end of the 1st quarter would also signify the end of the debacle they were witnessing.

Unfortunately for Redskins fans, Vick was in the process of playing one of the most dominant performances of all time by an NFL quarterback and the best of his career. “I’ve had some great games in my day but I don’t think I’ve had one quite like this,” Vick said.

Michael Vick, the no. 1 ranked QB in the NFL, was unstoppable both by air and by land. He threw for 333 yards including 4 TD’s and he rushed for 80 yards on 8 carries including 2 TD’s. Vick still hasn’t thrown an interception this season.

On the other side, McNabb had moments of success on a couple of deep passes and a couple of TD's, but was otherwise out of sync and unsuccessful throughout the game, throwing 3 interceptions including one pick-6 and unable to sustain drives. “With everything that was kind of tied into it, the way the thing snowballed in the wrong direction.  It was just an embarrassment,” McNabb said after the game.

The Redskins offense remained incompetent on 3rd down going 0-10 for the game, solidifying themselves as the worst team in the NFL in that category. “You can’t win football games when you are 0-10 in third downs,” Shanahan said during the post-game press conference.

Ironically, the Redskins created a buzz just hours before kickoff when news broke about McNabb’s 5-year contract extension that was inked for 78 million with 40 million reported as guaranteed.

Now the buzz is all about the Eagles and Michael Vick. Can we say, ‘MVP’?


michael vick, redskins, eagles, donovan mcnabb
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Redskins-Bears X-Men Gameday Preview
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 24, 2010 -- 8:47am

CHICAGO, IL (ESPN980) - The Redskins (3-3) visit Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears (4-2) as both teams try to bounce back from 3-point losses last week.

On the Chicago side, everyone is talking about the lack of pass protection and the 15 sacks of assault and battery allowed in the last two starts on Bears QB Jay Cutler. Cutler has already missed one game this year (Carolina week 5) due to a concussion.

Despite their recent issues, the Bears sit alone on top of the NFC North as the Packers and Vikings have yet to hit their stride.

On the Washington side, you have a team still adjusting itself to new coaching, defensive schemes, and personnel led by Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb.

Most notable about the Redskins this season has been the fresh competition they present their opponents – a stark contrast to the stale mediocrity that has characterized the organization for many years. Four of the Redskins’ games have been decided on the last play of the game including two overtime games.



As always, the performance of the starting QB's is paramount to victory. That said, this game may very well be decided by one or more of the following x-factors:

Brandon Banks versus Devin Hester
Both of these guys have back-breaking, game-busting potential power that could drastically change the scope of the game in an instant. Banks and Hester average 19.4 and 17.0 yards per punt return (2nd and 3rd in the NFL), respectively. Hester is tied with Brian Mitchell for all-time kick returns with 13 TD’s including 2 TD’s this year, but has done so in a fraction of the time. The Special Teams battle featuring these two weapons may determine the winner of this contest in the end.

Redskins RB Ryan Torain
Formerly stigmatized as injury prone in his first try at the NFL a few years back (ironically with Coach Shanahan), Torain is running with special motivation as he continues to prove himself as a viable running back in the NFL. Last week versus the Colts, Torain ran for 100 yards for the first time in his career. This week the Redskins will no doubt continue to test the limits of a running game that seems to be making progress despite the absence of injured Clinton Portis.

Bears’ Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz
With pass protection hemorrhaging as it is, coupled with the fact that their starting QB has already missed one game due to a concussion, the question is what game plan can Martz muster up to stop the bleeding on the offensive line. A few ideas: 3-step drops, a focus on the running game, and perhaps a straight-jacket for Brian Orakpo.

Redskins Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth
The $100 million dollar man returns for the first time in three weeks since the tragedy of his brother’s death due to a motorcycle crash. The last time Haynesworth played was against the Eagles in Philadelphia - a game Shanahan said was his best of the season. When Albert does well, so do his defensive tackle teammates as they tend to benefit from the attention and double-teams on big Al. Considering the surge in sacks on Chicago lately, the Redskins' defense is surely salivating for some bear.


albert haynesworth, devin hester, brandon banks, bears, redskins, ryan torain
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Haynesworth Still a Redskin, Still Questions
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 20, 2010 -- 9:00am

The NFL trade deadline passed yesterday afternoon and with that so did the possibility of a trade concerning the Redskins' Albert Haynesworth.

Considering the media storm surrounding Haynesworth this off-season - his displeasure about shifting to a 3-4 defense, his refusal to show up for off-season workouts and OTA's, and his inability to pass conditioning tests when finally arriving to Redskins training camp - all within the context of a $100 million dollar contract of which $41 million is guaranteed - indeed, many DC area fans, pundits, and media alike thought Haynesworth would not last this long in burgundy and gold.

Yet despite all these headaches, and despite Haynesworth looking like the one glaring impediment to what was otherwise a seemingly successful reorganization of a disenchanted franchise by a new regime starring Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, Albert is still a Redskin and will remain so for the rest of the season.

The Redskins could waive Haynesworth of course, but that is highly unlikely considering the $32 million already paid to him.

So now the question is how will Haynesworth contribute to the team? How will Haynesworth respond to the reality that he will have to work in D.C.? How will Albert respond to the death of his half-brother? How will the Redskins get a return on investment? Will Haynesworth ever get out of Shanahan's doghouse? And at which point will questions concerning Haynesworth's future arise again to Shanahan's chagrin?

The trade deadline may be over, but the Haynesworth saga is not.

The next chapter is Sunday in Chicago when the Redskins visit the Bears. Assuming there are no setbacks this week, Haynesworth will probably be active for the game and we'll see if can continue the progress he made in Philadelphia three weeks ago.

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Colts Hang on to Defeat Redskins
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 19, 2010 -- 1:00pm

Despite three fumbled turnovers and two missed field goals, the Indianapolis Colts hung on to defeat the Washington Redskins 27-24 in front of a Sunday night primetime audience.

At the two-minute warning, the Redskins were looking at 2nd and 5 from their own 43 yd line with three timeouts remaining. Down by only three points, the Redskins appeared to be in good shape to assemble a game-winning drive if not at least a tie.

Then, what could have been the Redskins' and McNabb's best shining moment of the season quickly faded to black.

McNabb got sacked for a loss by Foster and Mathis of the Colts on 2nd down, which was followed by an incomplete pass intended for Keiland Williams, and on 4th and 10, McNabb threw an incomplete pass on a deep bomb to Anthony Armstrong.

Peyton Manning was classic Peyton, throwing for 307 yds, 2 TDs, and no INTs. Yet, even arguably the best NFL quarterback ever admitted to leaving  an open window for the Redskins to steal the game late in the 4th quarter. “We thought we would take our chances throwing the ball, and it looked like [Redskins Cornerback Phillip] Buchanon had a couple good plays,” Manning said. “It was certainly disappointing not to be able to get the first down there.”

On the other side, McNabb was off and on including throwing 1 TD, but 2 INTs. Tuesday afternoon McNabb was asked to grade himself and admitted to playing sub-par on The Sports Fix on ESPN980. “I would say it was a ‘C’ because I look forward to those 2-minute drives,” McNabb said. “I look forward to get that John Elway driving down and end it with a touchdown pass.”

The Redskins now head to Chicago to play the Bears in Soldier Field, as both teams will try to bounce back from 3-point losses.

redskins, donovan mcnabb, colts
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Haynesworth and Thomas, the X and the Why
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 13, 2010 -- 8:03pm

Two Redskins characters who have attracted extensive media attention and criticism this offseason and in their short history with the team are Albert Haynesworth and Devin Thomas. Last week, both were missing in action for extenuating reasons. This week both begin a new chapter in life. One may transcend into an x-factor. The other leaves us wondering why.

The why of Devin Thomas

Devin Thomas, the 2008 draftee of Cerrato and company, became an official bust for the Redskins when he was waived on Saturday and claimed by the Carolina Panthers on Monday. For his three year career, Thomas tallied a mere 40 receptions and 3 TDs in 34 games including 11 starts. The essential question is why?

Why did Thomas not work out? Why did he get limited playing opportunities with Zorn during his tenure? Why the same with Shanahan and his crew? Why do fans think he can do so much more? Thomas did well as a kickoff returner, averaging 28 yds on 12 returns, but his inability to get on the field on offense remains a curiosity.

In recent statements, Shanahan revealed a bit more about his assessment of Thomas. In short, Thomas needs to learn how to be a true NFL pro, both on and off the field, and the other receivers were better during the week. Anthony Armstrong's TD catch last week - a well-timed snag of of a high arching imperfect long bomb by Donovan McNabb certainly doesn't refute the Redskins' coaches' assessments. Would Thomas have made that catch? Would he have even been in position to try?

For the curious, the good news is we'll see what Thomas can do in Carolina and maybe get some answers on the why's.

The x-Factor in Albert Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth's brother died in a motorcycle accident and when he got the heartbreaking news, he called coach. Soon after Haynesworth was on Snyder's private jet headed for Tennessee to mourn the loss. For once it seems, Albert is getting a respite from the critics, media, and fans. Even the message boards were filled with condolences and well wishes for Albert and his family.

Death has the power to change the lives of those who were once close. It forces you to put things in perspective, makes you rethink your life. How will Albert react to the loss of a brother he loved? How will Albert respond to the newfound kind words he has received from the fans, from Coach, and from Snyder, especially after months of severe criticism? How will Albert channel his emotions on the field?

The death of his brother may be a turning point in his life and maybe even in his career as a Washington Redskin. Only time will tell, but when Albert's name is announced this Sunday I suspect a warm welcome of cheers will follow, and how will Albert respond to that just may be the x-factor versus the Colts and the rest of the season.

albert haynesworth, redskins, devin thomas

Mentally Strong, Physically Tough in Victory over Packers
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 11, 2010 -- 12:53pm

The Washington Redskins defeated the Green Bay Packers yesterday in overtime with a 33 yd. Gano field goal. In doing so, the Redskins tallied consecutive wins for the first time this season and stayed on pace within the NFC East as the Giants and Eagles also won yesterday.

Even more impressive is the adversity both on and off the field that the Redskins needed to endure and surpass in order to earn this victory.

Off the field, the Redskins had to reconcile with the reality that there would be no Clinton Portis who is out for 4-6 weeks due to a groin injury, would be without Albert Haynesworth because he was attending memorial services in Tennessee for his brother who died in a motorcycle accident, and would be without Devin Thomas who despite his underachievements the last two years was at least putting up good return numbers on special teams.

On the field, Ryan Torain in his second ever career start only mustered up 40 yds. on 16 carries. The Packers sacked McNabb 5 times and pressured him an indefinite number of times. Injuries forced the Washington offensive line to rotate in various permutations which only added to the pocket disarray for McNabb.

Yet the Redskins prevailed. The Redskins stopped the Packers on the goal line. The Redskins stopped the potent Aaron Rogers passing attack who only converted 2/13 on 3rd down. The Redskins earned the turnover when they needed it most in the form of a LaRon Landry skillful interception in OT in Green Bay territory.

This year is becoming an especially unpredictable NFL season and so any generalization about any team seems equally premature. Yet, it seems safe to say that the Redskins are mentally strong and physically tough, evident from their three wins.

All three victories were decided on the last play of the game. And while the fans, the players, and the coaches would like to end games early, there's something to be said for the mental strength that is being developed in these tight games early in the season.

The Redskins having been hitting as hard as anyone in the NFL, if not the hardest. Lorenzo Alexander, Mike Sellers, DeAngelo Hall, Kareem Moore, and LaRon Landry are just a few of the guys who already have Youtube worthy hits this season. You could also ask Michael Vick, Quintin Mikell, or Aaron Rogers about it.

One could make the argument that the Redskins could easily be 0-5. You could also argue that they should be 4-1. They are what their record says they are:  3-2 and on top of the NFC East after five weeks with two division wins.


redskins, packers

Torain has the Baton
by Enzo Aldunate
Oct 08, 2010 -- 1:11pm

Ryan Torain will be the featured running back for the Washington Redskins versus the Green Bay Packers this Sunday as he makes his only second career start.

Just a few weeks ago, Torain was on the practice squad. Then, Larry Johnson got cut and the Redskins activated Torain 3 days later. Next, Torain led the Redskins with 70 yds on 18 carries in Philadelphia featuring an energizing runover of Eagles' Quintin Mikell on his way for a rushing TD. Now, with Portis out, all of sudden Torain will hold the baton as he tries to sustain a running game that surfaced for the first time this season last week.

“I got a lot of emotions going into this game. It’s been a lot of hard work to get to this point in my life. There has been a lot of waiting and a lot of patience. Now I just got to take advantage of opportunity.”

Torain suffered two injuries his rookie year in Denver. That fact combined with an injury his senior year in college at Arizona State earned got him labeled injury prone. What followed next was a year away from the NFL. Torain continued to work out in a facility called Triple Threat in Tempe, Arizona as he hoped for interest from NFL teams, but the phone calls in Torain's words were, "not a lot, it was few and far between."

Now Torain is getting a second chance in the NFL and a second chance with Coach Shanahan, but on a diferrent team and in a different city. Nevertheless, Torain feels comfortable with the Redskins zone scheme which he's been running since high school. “I feel like I fit real well with it. Coach obviously drafted me for a reason. I am excited and I feel like I gel real well with the linemen.”

Meanwhile, as Torain plays his most important role for Washington thus far, in the most important game of his life, a bigger game is at stake as the Redskins try to contain Aaron Rogers' passing attack at FedExField in search of consecutive wins for the first time this season.



green bay packers, ryan torrain, redskins

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