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Good morning espn980!

My name is Mike Menefee and I recently moved from my hometown of DC to the eastern shore, a little town called Chestertown. My wife's family has owned and operated a dairy farm of 800 acres since the 1950's. So you could imagine myself, a city-slicker, moving to cow-town, and trying to embrace the simplicity of life on the shore.

When we decided to make the move back to my wife's hometown, as a gift for my sacrifice (commuting to Baltimore every day), she granted me the entire basement for my man-cave. Once I heard those sweet, sweet words, I did not hesitate and immediately drove to Home Depot to start my project. As you can see in the pictures below, the Redskins man-cave turned out beautifully. 

Doing the lines myself was kind of a pain in the ass, but all worth it in the end.

As you can see my memorabilia collection is rather bare for the walls. My hope is that someone from your staff finds this message and can help donate some items to my basement. 

Cooley, Doc, and my man B-mitch- it would be an absolute honor to receive any Washington Redskins items from you. Doc, you played during the Civil War, and unfortunately I was unable to appreciate your greatness since I was born in 1987. But as any proud veteran, your War stories have resonated with me through stories told my Dad. Brian, you gave me my 1st impressions as a young Redskins fan during the 90's, and it broke my heart to see you cross over that ugly-ass green team. However, you came back home and everything has been forgiven. And Cooley, as a fellow wrestler and tight-end myself, what else is there to say?

I am pretty skeptical this message will even be seen, but in the event that it would be making a 29-year-old-father-to-be-DC-native-eastern-shore-living Redskins fan a very happy man.