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I was driving to the office this morning when I heard your pottery discussion. It blew me away. Never did I expect to hear kiln talk. and the proper firing technique for a kiln on sports talk radio. Good for you. 

I'm a die-hard Cowboy & Rangers fan (since I'm from Ft Worth up until 2008) so I don't often agree with your NFL sentiments, especially regarding the NFC East, but I kinda got a grin this morning. My wife and I have begun pottery through the Art League in Alexandria, so its nice to hear sports guys do something besides take box score IVs and talk about their golf handicaps.

Maybe I'll tune in more often just to see what else I might take issue with you about the Redskins.  

Ed Tyler

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. "– Ferris, from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Most important takeaways. When was the last time Washington won 2-3 consecutive games in October?

Under Marty in 01' and to the best of my They have been systemically terrible in October since the days

Of norm turner with the exception of the 97 and 99' squads.....the change in organizational philosophy that started with Bruce Allen coming here has begun to really take off. They have the right gm and the right coaches. The offense is prolific as the redskins

Offenses always 'have been' big o-line, big back, solid quarterback, and good receivers. Creative play calling. But a physical

Team.....the only issue I've got is the defense needs to be Pettibone-like......that is its gotta be a helper to an offense that's

Prolific.....once they get that.....and keep building.....which they still are doing......they have a shot.

Lastly......if the defense had done there job.....Trent Williams is not on the ground with an injury with 3 seconds left......

That's a no-no.